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  • در بیان این سه کم جنبان لبت ** از ذهاب و از ذهب وز مذهبت‌‌
  • Do not move your lip in explanation of these three things, (namely) concerning your departure and your gold and your religion;
  • کین سه را خصم است بسیار و عدو ** در کمینت ایستد چون داند او
  • For to these three there is many an adversary and foe standing in wait for you when he knows (about any of them).
  • ور بگویی با یکی دو الوداع ** کل سر جاوز الاثنین شاع‌‌
  • And if you tell (only) one or two (a few people), farewell (to your secret): every secret that goes beyond the twain (who share it) is published abroad.
  • گر دو سه پرنده را بندی به هم ** بر زمین مانند محبوس از الم‌‌ 1050
  • If you tie two or three birds together, they will remain on the ground, imprisoned by grief;
  • مشورت دارند سرپوشیده خوب ** در کنایت با غلط افکن مشوب‌‌
  • (But in truth) they hold a consultation well-disguised and mingled, in its (apparent) significance, with that which casts error (into the mind of any one who observes them).
  • مشورت کردی پیمبر بسته سر ** گفته ایشانش جواب و بی‌‌خبر
  • (Similarly) the Prophet used to take counsel, (speaking) cryptically, and they (his companions) would answer him and (would be) without knowledge (of his real meaning).
  • در مثالی بسته گفتی رای را ** تا نداند خصم از سر پای را
  • He would speak his opinion in a covert parable, in order that the adversary might not know foot from head.
  • او جواب خویش بگرفتی از او ** وز سؤالش می‌‌نبردی غیر بو
  • He (the Prophet) would receive his answer from him (the adversary), while the other would not catch the smell (drift) of his question.
  • قصه‌‌ی مکر خرگوش‌‌
  • The story of the hare's stratagem.
  • ساعتی تاخیر کرد اندر شدن ** بعد از آن شد پیش شیر پنجه زن‌‌ 1055
  • He delayed awhile in going, then he went before the lion who rends (his prey) with claws.
  • ز آن سبب کاندر شدن او ماند دیر ** خاک را می‌‌کند و می‌‌غرید شیر
  • Because he tarried late in going, the lion was tearing up the earth and roaring.