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  • نام احمد نام جمله انبیاست ** چون که صد آمد نود هم پیش ماست‌‌
  • The name of Ahmad is the name of all the prophets: when the hundred comes (is counted), ninety is with us as well.
  • هم در بیان مکر خرگوش‌‌
  • Further setting forth the stratagem of the hare.
  • در شدن خرگوش بس تاخیر کرد ** مکر را با خویشتن تقریر کرد
  • The hare made much delay in going; he rehearsed to himself the tricks (which he was about to play).
  • در ره آمد بعد تاخیر دراز ** تا به گوش شیر گوید یک دو راز
  • After long delay he came on (took) the road, that he might say one or two secrets into the ear of the lion.
  • تا چه عالمهاست در سودای عقل ** تا چه با پهناست این دریای عقل‌‌
  • Think, what worlds are in commerce with Reason! How wide is this ocean of Reason!
  • صورت ما اندر این بحر عذاب ** می‌‌دود چون کاسه‌‌ها بر روی آب‌‌ 1110
  • In this sweet ocean our forms are moving fast, like cups on the surface of water:
  • تا نشد پر بر سر دریا چو طشت ** چون که پر شد طشت در وی غرق گشت‌‌
  • Until they become full, (they float) like bowls on the top of the sea, (but) when the bowl is filled it sinks therein.
  • عقل پنهان است و ظاهر عالمی ** صورت ما موج یا از وی نمی‌‌
  • Reason is hidden, and (only) a world (of phenomena) is visible: our forms are the waves or a spray of it (of that hidden ocean).
  • هر چه صورت می وسیلت سازدش ** ز آن وسیلت بحر دور اندازدش‌‌
  • Whatsoever (thing) the form makes (uses as) a means of approach to It (to Reason), by that (same) means the ocean (of Reason) casts it (the form) far away.
  • تا نبیند دل دهنده‌‌ی راز را ** تا نبیند تیر دور انداز را
  • So long as the heart does not see the Giver of (its) conscience, so long as the arrow does not see the far-shooting Archer,
  • اسب خود را یاوه داند وز ستیز ** می‌‌دواند اسب خود در راه تیز 1115
  • He (who is thus blind) thinks his horse is lost, though (all the while) he is obstinately speeding his horse on the road.