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  • ما چو زنبوریم و قالبها چو موم ** خانه خانه کرده قالب را چو موم‌‌
  • We are as bees, and bodies are as wax (honeycomb): we have made the body, cell by cell, like wax.
  • رجوع به حکایت خواجه‌‌ی تاجر
  • Reverting to the tale of the merchant who went to trade (in India).
  • بس دراز است این حدیث خواجه گو ** تا چه شد احوال آن مرد نکو
  • This (discourse) is very long. Tell the story of the merchant, that we may see what happened to that good man.
  • خواجه اندر آتش و درد و حنین ** صد پراکنده همی‌‌گفت این چنین‌‌ 1815
  • The merchant in fire (burning grief) and anguish and yearning was uttering a hundred distracted phrases like this,
  • گه تناقض گاه ناز و گه نیاز ** گاه سودای حقیقت گه مجاز
  • Now self-contradiction, now disdain, now supplication, now passion for reality, now metaphor (unreality).
  • مرد غرقه گشته جانی می‌‌کند ** دست را در هر گیاهی می‌‌زند
  • The drowning man suffers an agony of soul and clutches at every straw.
  • تا کدامش دست گیرد در خطر ** دست و پایی می‌‌زند از بیم سر
  • For fear of (losing) his head (life), he flings about (both) hand and foot to see whether any one will take his hand (help him) in peril.
  • دوست دارد یار این آشفتگی ** کوشش بی‌‌هوده به از خفتگی‌‌
  • The Friend loves this agitation: it is better to struggle vainly than to lie still.
  • آن که او شاه است او بی‌‌کار نیست ** ناله از وی طرفه کاو بیمار نیست‌‌ 1820
  • He who is the King (of all) is not idle, (though) complaint from Him would be a marvel, for He is not ill.
  • بهر این فرمود رحمان ای پسر ** کل يوم هو فی شأن ای پسر
  • For this reason said the Merciful (God), O son, “Every day He is (busy) in an affair,” O son.
  • اندر این ره می‌‌تراش و می‌‌خراش ** تا دم آخر دمی فارغ مباش‌‌
  • In this Way be thou ever scraping and scratching (exerting thyself to the utmost): until thy last breath do not be unoccupied for a moment,