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  • عقل او می‌‌گفت کین گریه ز چیست ** بر چنان افسوسیان شاید گریست‌‌
  • His intellect was saying, “Wherefore is this weeping? Ought one to weep for such scoffers?
  • بر چه می‌‌گریی بگو بر فعلشان ** بر سپاه کینه توز بدنشان‌‌
  • Tell me, what art thou weeping for? For their fraud? For the host of (their) ill-omened exactions of vengeance?
  • بر دل تاریک پر زنگارشان ** بر زبان زهر همچون مارشان‌‌
  • For their murky hearts full of rust? For their venomous snake-like tongues?
  • بر دم و دندان سگسارانه‌‌شان ** بر دهان و چشم کژدم خانه‌‌شان‌‌
  • For their sagsár-like breath and teeth? For their mouths and eyes teeming with scorpions?
  • بر ستیز و تسخر و افسوسشان ** شکر کن چون کرد حق محبوسشان‌‌ 2565
  • For their wrangling and sneering and scoffing? Give thanks, since God has imprisoned (restrained) them.
  • دستشان کژ پایشان کژ چشم کژ ** مهرشان کژ صلح‌‌شان کژ خشم کژ
  • Their hands are perverse, their feet perverse, their eyes perverse, their love perverse, their peace perverse, their anger perverse.”
  • از پی تقلید و معقولات نقل ** پا نهاده بر جمال پیر عقل‌‌
  • For the sake of blind conformity and (for the sake of following) traditional ideas for the standards of tradition, they set their feet (trampled) on the head of Reason, this venerable guide.
  • پیر خر نی جمله گشته پیر خر ** از ریای چشم و گوش همدگر
  • They were not eager for a guide (pír-khar): they all had become (like) an old donkey (pír khar) from paying hypocritical observance to each other's eyes and ears.
  • از بهشت آورد یزدان بردگان ** تا نمایدشان سقر پروردگان‌‌
  • God brought the (devout) worshippers from Paradise that He might show unto them the nurslings of Hell-fire.
  • در معنی آن که مرج البحرين يلتقیان بينهما برزخ لا يبغیان
  • On the meaning of “He let the two seas go to meet one another: between them is a barrier which they do not seek (to cross).”
  • اهل نار و خلد را بین هم دکان ** در میانشان برزخ لا یبغیان‌‌ 2570
  • Behold the people of (destined for) the Fire and those of Paradise dwelling in the same shop, (yet) between them is a barrier which they do not seek to cross.