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  • این خورد زاید همه بخل و حسد ** و آن خورد زاید همه نور احد
  • This one eats, (and of him) is born nothing but avarice and envy; that one eats, (and of him) is born nothing but the Light of the One (God).
  • این زمین پاک و ان شوره ست و بد ** این فرشته‌‌ی پاک و ان دیو است و دد
  • This one is good (fertile) soil and that one brackish and bad; this one is a fair angel and that one a devil and wild beast.
  • هر دو صورت گر بهم ماند رواست ** آب تلخ و آب شیرین را صفاست‌‌ 275
  • If both resemble each other in aspect, it may well be (so): bitter water and sweet water have (the same) clearness.
  • جز که صاحب ذوق کی شناسد بیاب ** او شناسد آب خوش از شوره آب‌‌
  • Who knows (the difference) except a man possessed of (spiritual) taste? Find (him): he knows the sweet water from the brine.
  • سحر را با معجزه کرده قیاس ** هر دو را بر مکر پندارد اساس‌‌
  • Comparing magic with (prophetic) miracle, he (the ignorant one) fancies that both are founded on deceit.
  • ساحران موسی از استیزه را ** بر گرفته چون عصای او عصا
  • The magicians (in the time) of Moses, for contention's sake, lifted up (in their hands) a rod like his,
  • زین عصا تا آن عصا فرقی است ژرف ** زین عمل تا آن عمل راهی شگرف‌‌
  • (But) between this rod and that rod there is a vast difference; from this action (magic) to that action (miracle) is a great way.
  • لعنة الله این عمل را در قفا ** رحمه الله آن عمل را در وفا 280
  • This action is followed by the curse of God, (while) that action receives in payment the mercy (blessing) of God.
  • کافران اندر مری بوزینه طبع ** آفتی آمد درون سینه طبع‌‌
  • The infidels in contending (for equality with the prophets and saints) have the nature of an ape: the (evil) nature is a canker within the breast.
  • هر چه مردم می‌‌کند بوزینه هم ** آن کند کز مرد بیند دم‌‌به‌‌دم‌‌
  • Whatever a man does, the ape at every moment does the same thing that he sees done by the man.