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  • نی از او نقشی بیابی نی نشان ** نی کهی یابی نه راه کهکشان‌‌ 3670
  • You will find neither mark nor trace of him, you will not find a straw (star) in the straw-strewn Way (the Milky Way).
  • شد حواس و نطق با پایان ما ** محو نور دانش سلطان ما
  • Our senses and finite speech (reason) are obliterated in the light of the knowledge of our (Divine) King.
  • حسها و عقلهاشان در درون ** موج در موج لدينا محضرون‌‌
  • Their (the God-intoxicated mystics') senses and understandings within (them) are (tossed), wave on wave, in (the sea of) they are assembled before Us.
  • چون شب آمد باز وقت بار شد ** انجم پنهان شده بر کار شد
  • When dawn comes, ’tis again the time of (bearing) the burden: the stars, which had become hidden, go (again) to work.
  • بی‌‌هشان را وادهد حق هوشها ** حلقه حلقه حلقه‌‌ها در گوشها
  • God gives back to the senseless ones their (lost) senses: (they return to consciousness) troop after troop, with rings (of mystic knowledge) in their ears,
  • پای کوبان دست افشان در ثنا ** ناز نازان ربنا أحییتنا 3675
  • Dancing, waving their hands in praise (of God), triumphing (and crying), “O Lord, Thou hast brought us to life.”
  • آن جلود و آن عظام ریخته ** فارسان گشته غبار انگیخته‌‌
  • Those crumbled skins and bones have become (like) horsemen and have raised the dust:
  • حمله آرند از عدم سوی وجود ** در قیامت هم شکور و هم کنود
  • At Resurrection both the thankful and the ungrateful rush along from non-existence towards existence.
  • سر چه می‌‌پیچی کنی نادیده‌‌ای ** در عدم ز اول نه سرپیچیده‌‌ای‌‌
  • Why do you turn away your head and pretend not to see? Did you not turn away your head at first, (when you were) in non-existence (and disbelieved that you would ever come into existence)?
  • در عدم افشرده بودی پای خویش ** که مرا که بر کند از جای خویش‌‌
  • You had planted your foot (firmly) in non-existence, saying, “Who will uproot me from my place?”