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  • کی سیه گردد ز آتش روی خوب ** کاو نهد گلگونه از تقوی القلوب‌‌
  • How should the fire blacken the beauteous face (of a soul) which lays (on itself) rose colour (derived) from the fear of God that is in (men's) hearts?
  • آتش افتادن در شهر به ایام عمر
  • How a conflagration occurred in the city (Medina) in the days of ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased with him.
  • آتشی افتاد در عهد عمر ** همچو چوب خشک می‌‌خورد او حجر
  • A conflagration occurred in the time of ‘Umar: it was devouring stones as though they were dry wood.
  • در فتاد اندر بنا و خانه‌‌ها ** تا زد اندر پر مرغ و لانه‌‌ها
  • It fell upon buildings and houses, until (at last) it darted at the wings and nests of birds.
  • نیم شهر از شعله‌‌ها آتش گرفت ** آب می‌‌ترسید از آن و می‌‌شگفت‌‌
  • Half the city caught fire from the flames: water was afraid of it (the fire) and amazed.
  • مشکهای آب و سرکه می‌‌زدند ** بر سر آتش کسان هوشمند 3710
  • Some intelligent persons were throwing skins of water and vinegar on the fire,
  • آتش از استیزه افزون می‌‌شدی ** می‌‌رسید او را مدد از بی‌‌حدی‌‌
  • (But) out of spite (obstinacy) the fire was increasing: aid was coming to it from One who is infinite.
  • خلق آمد جانب عمر شتاب ** کاتش ما می‌‌نمیرد هیچ از آب‌‌
  • The people came in haste to ‘Umar, saying, “Our fire will not be quenched at all by water.”
  • گفت آن آتش ز آیات خداست ** شعله‌‌ای از آتش بخل شماست‌‌
  • He said, “That fire is one of God's signs: ’tis a flame from the fire of your avarice.
  • آب بگذارید و نان قسمت کنید ** بخل بگذارید اگر آل منید
  • What are water and vinegar? Deal out bread (in charity), discard avarice if ye are my people (followers).”
  • خلق گفتندش که در بگشوده‌‌ایم ** ما سخی و اهل فتوت بوده‌‌ایم‌‌ 3715
  • The folk said to him, “We have opened our doors, we have been bountiful and devoted to generosity.”