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  • سخت خاک آلود می‌‌آید سخن ** آب تیره شد سر چه بند کن‌‌
  • The words are coming (forth) very earth-soiled; the water has become turbid: stop up the mouth of the well,
  • تا خدایش باز صاف و خوش کند ** او که تیره کرد هم صافش کند
  • That God may again make it pure and sweet, that He who made it turbid may likewise make it pure.
  • صبر آرد آرزو را نه شتاب ** صبر کن و الله اعلم بالصواب‌‌
  • Patience brings the object of desire, not Haste. Have patience—and God knoweth best what is right.