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  • وزر او و صد وزیر و صد هزار ** نیست گرداند خدا از یک شرار
  • God by a single spark (of His mercy) maketh naught his (the vizier's) burden (of sin) and (the burden) of a hundred viziers and a hundred thousand.
  • عین آن تخییل را حکمت کند ** عین آن زهر آب را شربت کند 545
  • He maketh the essence of that (false) imagination to be wisdom; He maketh the essence of that poisoned water to be a (wholesome) drink.
  • آن گمان انگیز را سازد یقین ** مهرها رویاند از اسباب کین‌‌
  • That which raises doubt He turneth into certainty; He maketh loving kindnesses grow from the causes of hatred.
  • پرورد در آتش ابراهیم را ** ایمنی روح سازد بیم را
  • He cherisheth Abraham in the fire; He turneth fear into security of spirit.
  • از سبب سوزیش من سودایی‌‌ام ** در خیالاتش چو سوفسطایی‌‌ام‌‌
  • By His burning (destroying) of secondary causes I am distraught; in (my) fancies of Him I am like a sophist (sceptic or agnostic).
  • مکر دیگر انگیختن وزیر در اضلال قوم
  • How the vizier started another plan to mislead the (Christian) folk.
  • مکر دیگر آن وزیر از خود ببست ** وعظ را بگذاشت و در خلوت نشست‌‌
  • The vizier formed in his mind another plan: he abandoned preaching and sat alone in seclusion.
  • در مریدان در فکند از شوق سوز ** بود در خلوت چهل پنجاه روز 550
  • He inspired ardour in his disciples from (their) longing (to see him); he remained in seclusion forty or fifty days.
  • خلق دیوانه شدند از شوق او ** از فراق حال و قال و ذوق او
  • The people became mad from longing for him and on account of being separated from his (spiritual) feeling and discourse and intuition.
  • لابه و زاری همی‌‌کردند و او ** از ریاضت گشته در خلوت دو تو
  • They were making supplication and lament, while he in solitude was bent double by austerities.
  • گفته ایشان نیست ما را بی‌‌تو نور ** بی‌‌عصا کش چون بود احوال کور
  • They said, “Without thee we have no light: how (what) is the state of a blind man without a leader?