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  • کوزه‌‌ی سر بسته اندر آب زفت ** از دل پر باد فوق آب رفت‌‌
  • The stoppered jar, (though) in rough water, floated on the water because of its wind-filled (empty) heart.
  • باد درویشی چو در باطن بود ** بر سر آب جهان ساکن بود
  • When the wind of poverty is within (any one), he rests at peace on the surface of the water of the world;
  • گر چه جمله‌‌ی این جهان ملک وی است ** ملک در چشم دل او لا شی است‌‌
  • Although the whole of this world is his kingdom, in the eye of his heart the kingdom is nothing.
  • پس دهان دل ببند و مهر کن ** پر کنش از باد کبر من لدن‌‌ 990
  • Therefore stopper and seal the mouth of your heart, and fill it with the wind of Divine Majesty.
  • جهد حق است و دوا حق است و درد ** منکر اندر نفی جهدش جهد کرد
  • Exertion is a reality, and medicine and disease are realities: the sceptic in his denial of exertion practised (and thereby affirmed) exertion.
  • مقرر شدن ترجیح جهد بر توکل‌‌
  • How the superiority of exertion to trust in God was established.
  • زین نمط بسیار برهان گفت شیر ** کز جواب آن جبریان گشتند سیر
  • The lion gave many proofs in this style, so that those necessitarians became tired of answering (him).
  • روبه و آهو و خرگوش و شغال ** جبر را بگذاشتند و قیل و قال‌‌
  • Fox and deer and hare and jackal abandoned (the doctrine of) necessity and (ceased from) disputation.
  • عهدها کردند با شیر ژیان ** کاندر این بیعت نیفتد در زیان‌‌
  • They made covenants with the furious lion, (ensuring) that he should incur no loss in this bargain,
  • قسم هر روزش بیاید بی‌‌جگر ** حاجتش نبود تقاضای دگر 995
  • (That) the daily ration should come to him without trouble, and that he should not need to make a further demand.
  • قرعه بر هر که فتادی روز روز ** سوی آن شیر او دویدی همچو یوز
  • Day by day the one on whom the lot fell would run to the lion as (swiftly as) a cheetah.