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  • فلسفی منطقی مستهان ** می‏گذشت از سوی مکتب آن زمان‏
  • A contemptible philosopher and logician was passing beside the school at that moment.
  • چون که بشنید آیت او از ناپسند ** گفت آریم آب را ما با کلند
  • When he heard the verse (of the Qur’án), he said in disapproval, “We bring the water (back) with a mattock;
  • ما بزخم بیل و تیزی تبر ** آب را آریم از پستی ز بر
  • With strokes of the spade and (with) the sharpness of the axe we bring the water up from below.”
  • شب بخفت و دید او یک شیر مرد ** زد طپانچه هر دو چشمش کور کرد
  • At night he fell asleep and saw (in dream) a lion-hearted man (who) gave (him) a blow on the face and blinded both his eyes,
  • گفت زین دو چشمه‏ی چشم ای شقی ** با تبر نوری بر آر ار صادقی‏ 1640
  • And said, “O wretch, if you are speaking the truth, bring up some light with an axe from these two springs of vision.”
  • روز بر جست و دو چشم کور دید ** نور فایض از دو چشمش ناپدید
  • At (dawn of) day he jumped up and found (he had) two blind eyes: from both his eyes the overflowing light had vanished.
  • گر بنالیدی و مستغفر شدی ** نور رفته از کرم ظاهر شدی‏
  • If he had moaned and asked pardon (of God), the departed light would have appeared (again) through (God's) kindness;
  • لیک استغفار هم در دست نیست ** ذوق توبه نقل هر سر مست نیست‏
  • But (the power of) asking pardon, also, is not in (our) hands: the savour of repentance is not the dessert of every inebriate.
  • زشتی اعمال و شومی جحود ** راه توبه بر دل او بسته بود
  • The wickedness of (his) actions and the disastrousness of (his) denial (of the Truth) had barred the way of repentance to his heart.
  • دل به سختی همچو روی سنگ گشت ** چون شکافد توبه آن را بهر کشت‏ 1645
  • His heart became in hardness as the face of a rock: how should repentance cleave it for sowing?