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  • کی پرد مرغی مگر با جنس خود ** صحبت ناجنس گور است و لحد
  • How should a bird fly except with its own kind? The society of the uncongenial is the grave and the tomb.
  • سبب پریدن و چریدن مرغی با مرغی که جنس او نبود
  • The cause of a bird's flying and feeding with a bird that is not of its own kind.
  • آن حکیمی گفت دیدم هم تکی ** در بیابان زاغ را با لکلکی‏
  • Said a certain sage, “I saw a crow running about in the desert with a stork.
  • در عجب ماندم بجستم حالشان ** تا چه قدر مشترک یابم نشان‏
  • I marvelled long, and I investigated their case, in order that I might find the clue (as to) what it was that they had in common.
  • چون شدم نزدیک، من حیران و دنگ ** خود بدیدم هر دوان بودند لنگ‏ 2105
  • When, amazed and bewildered, I approached them, (then) indeed I saw that both of them were lame.”
  • خاصه شهبازی که او عرشی بود ** با یکی جغدی که او فرشی بود
  • In particular, (how should) a royal falcon, which is of the highest heaven, (consort) with an owl, which is of the low earth?
  • آن یکی خورشید علیین بود ** وین دگر خفاش کز سجین بود
  • That one is the sun of ‘Illiyyún, while the other is a bat which belongs to Sijjín.
  • آن یکی نوری ز هر عیبی بری ** وین یکی کوری گدای هر دری‏
  • That one is a luminary, free from every defect, while this (other) one is a blind man begging at every door.
  • آن یکی ماهی که بر پروین زند ** وین یکی کرمی که در سرگین زید
  • That one is a moon that strikes (its beams) upon the Pleiades, while this (other) one is a worm that lives in dung.
  • آن یکی یوسف رخی عیسی نفس ** وین یکی گرگی و یا خر با جرس‏ 2110
  • That one has the face of a Joseph, the breath of a Jesus, while this (other) one is a wolf or an ass with a bell.
  • آن یکی پران شده در لا مکان ** وین یکی در کاهدان همچون سگان‏
  • That one has flown to Spacelessness, while this (other) one is in the straw-barn, like the dogs.