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  • گر مکان را ره بدی در لامکان ** همچو شیخان بودمی من بر دکان‏
  • If the spatial had (any) access to the non-spatial, I should be (seated) on the bench, (giving instruction) like the Shaykhs (spiritual directors).”
  • خواندن محتسب مست خراب افتاده را به زندان‏
  • How the Police Inspector summoned the man who had fallen dead-drunk (on the ground) to (go to) prison.
  • محتسب در نیم شب جایی رسید ** در بن دیوار مستی خفته دید
  • The Inspector came at midnight to a certain place: he saw a drunken man lying at the bottom of a wall.
  • گفت هی مستی چه خورده ستی بگو ** گفت از این خوردم که هست اندر سبو
  • He cried, “Hey, you are drunk: tell (me), what have you been drinking?” Said the man, “I have drunk of this which is in the jar.”
  • گفت آخر در سبو واگو که چیست ** گفت از آن که خورده‏ام گفت این خفی است‏
  • “Pray,” said he, “explain what is in the jar.” He replied, “Some of what I have drunk.” “(But),” said the Inspector, “this is hidden (from sight).”
  • گفت آن چه خورده‏ای آن چیست آن ** گفت آن که در سبو مخفی است آن‏ 2390
  • He asked (again), “What is it that you have drunk?” He rejoined, “That which is hidden in the jar.”
  • دور می‏شد این سؤال و این جواب ** ماند چون خر محتسب اندر خلاب‏
  • These questions and answers were becoming a (vicious) circle. The Inspector was left (stuck) in the mud, like an ass.
  • گفت او را محتسب هین آه کن ** مست هو هو کرد هنگام سخن‏
  • The Inspector said to him, “Come now, say ‘Ah’”; (but) the drunken man, at the moment of utterance, said “Hú, Hú.”
  • گفت گفتم آه کن هو می‏کنی ** گفت من شاد و تو از غم دم زنی‏
  • “I told you to say ‘Ah’,” said he; “you are saying ‘Hú’.” “(Because) I am glad,” he replied, “while you are bent with grief.
  • آه از درد و غم و بی‏دادی است ** هوی هوی می خوران از شادی است‏
  • ‘Ah’ is (uttered) on account of pain and grief and injustice; the ‘Hú, Hú’ of the wine-drinkers is from joy.”
  • محتسب گفت این ندانم خیز خیز ** معرفت متراش و بگذار این ستیز 2395
  • The Inspector said, “I know nothing about this. Get up, get up! Don't retail mystic lore, and leave off this wrangling.”