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  • این دراز است و فراوان می‏شود ** و آن چه مقصود است پنهان می‏شود
  • This (topic) is long and is expanding, and that which is aimed at is becoming hidden (from sight).
  • فریفتن منافقان پیغامبر را تا به مسجد ضرارش برند
  • How the Hypocrites cajoled the Prophet—God bless and save him!—that they might take him to the Mosque of Opposition.
  • بر رسول حق فسون‏ها خواندند ** رخش دستان و حیل می‏راندند
  • They chanted spells over (spoke deceitful words to) the Messenger of God: they were driving (hard) the steed of cunning and craft.
  • آن رسول مهربان رحم کیش ** جز تبسم جز بلی ناورد پیش‏
  • The kind and compassionate Messenger proffered (in reply) nothing but smiles, nothing but “Yes.”
  • شکرهای آن جماعت یاد کرد ** در اجابت قاصدان را شاد کرد 2850
  • He expressed (his) thanks to that company (deputation): he gladdened the envoys in (by) assent.
  • می‏نمود آن مکر ایشان پیش او ** یک به یک ز آن سان که اندر شیر مو
  • Their deceit was apparent to him, point by point, in the same way as hairs in milk.
  • موی را نادیده می‏کرد آن لطیف ** شیر را شاباش می‏گفت آن ظریف‏
  • That courteous one feigned not to see the hairs: that polite one said “Bravo!” to the milk.
  • صد هزاران موی مکر و دمدمه ** چشم خوابانید آن دم ز ان همه‏
  • Myriad hairs of deceit and fraud (he beheld), and at that time he closed his eyes to it all.
  • راست می‏فرمود آن بحر کرم ** بر شما من از شما مشفق‏ترم‏
  • That ocean of bounty spoke truly (when he said), “I am kinder unto you than you (yourselves are).
  • من نشسته بر کنار آتشی ** با فروغ و شعله‏ی بس ناخوشی‏ 2855
  • I am seated at the edge of a fire with an exceedingly unpleasant blaze and flame;
  • همچو پروانه شما آن سو دوان ** هر دو دست من شده پروانه ران‏
  • Ye are hastening towards it like moths, (while) both my hands have become moth-flaps (to beat you off).”