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  • پیش از ایشان ما همه یکسان بدیم ** کس ندانستی که ما نیک و بدیم‏ 285
  • Before the, (the prophets) we were all alike, none knew whether we were good or bad.
  • قلب و نیکو در جهان بودی روان ** چون همه شب بود و ما چون شب روان‏
  • False coin and fine (both) were current in the world, since all was night, and we were as night-travellers,
  • تا بر آمد آفتاب انبیا ** گفت ای غش دور شو صافی بیا
  • Until the sun of the prophets rose and said, “Begone, O alloy! Come, O thou that art pure!”
  • چشم داند فرق کردن رنگ را ** چشم داند لعل را و سنگ را
  • The eye can distinguish colours, the eye knows ruby and (common) stone.
  • چشم داند گوهر و خاشاک را ** چشم را ز آن می‏خلد خاشاکها
  • The eye knows the jewel and the rubbish; hence bits of rubbish sting the eye.
  • دشمن روزند این قلابکان ** عاشق روزند آن زرهای کان‏ 290
  • These vile counterfeiters are enemies of day, those pieces of gold from the mine are lovers of day,
  • ز آن که روز است آینه‏ی تعریف او ** تا ببیند اشرفی تشریف او
  • Because day is the mirror that makes it (the fine gold) known, so that the ashrafí (the coin of sterling gold) may see (receive) its (day's) gift of honour.
  • حق قیامت را لقب ز آن روز کرد ** روز بنماید جمال سرخ و زرد
  • Hence God bestowed the title of “Day” on the Resurrection, (for) day displays the beauty of red and yellow.
  • پس حقیقت روز سر اولیاست ** روز پیش ماهشان چون سایه‏هاست‏
  • In reality, then, day is the inmost consciousness of the saints, (though) beside their moon day is (dim) as shadows.
  • عکس راز مرد حق دانید روز ** عکس ستاریش شام چشم دوز
  • Know that day is the reflexion of the mystery (the illumined consciousness) of the man of God, while eye-sealing night is the reflexion of his occultation.