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  • صد هزاران موی مکر و دمدمه ** چشم خوابانید آن دم ز ان همه‏
  • Myriad hairs of deceit and fraud (he beheld), and at that time he closed his eyes to it all.
  • راست می‏فرمود آن بحر کرم ** بر شما من از شما مشفق‏ترم‏
  • That ocean of bounty spoke truly (when he said), “I am kinder unto you than you (yourselves are).
  • من نشسته بر کنار آتشی ** با فروغ و شعله‏ی بس ناخوشی‏ 2855
  • I am seated at the edge of a fire with an exceedingly unpleasant blaze and flame;
  • همچو پروانه شما آن سو دوان ** هر دو دست من شده پروانه ران‏
  • Ye are hastening towards it like moths, (while) both my hands have become moth-flaps (to beat you off).”
  • چون بر آن شد تا روان گردد رسول ** غیرت حق بانگ زد مشنو ز غول‏
  • When the Prophet had resolved to set out (to the Mosque), the jealousy of God cried, “Do not hearken to the ghoul!
  • کاین خبیثان مکر و حیلت کرده‏اند ** جمله مقلوب است آنچ آورده‏اند
  • For these wicked men have used deceit and cunning: what they have put forward is entirely the reverse (of the truth).
  • قصد ایشان جز سیه رویی نبود ** خیر دین کی جست ترسا و جهود
  • Their intent was nothing but (to bring) black shame (upon thee): when have Christians or Jews sought the welfare of the (true) Religion?
  • مسجدی بر جسر دوزخ ساختند ** با خدا نرد دغاها باختند 2860
  • They (the Hypocrites) have built a mosque upon Hell's bridge: they have played the game of trickery with God.
  • قصدشان تفریق اصحاب رسول ** فضل حق را کی شناسد هر فضول‏
  • Their aim is to cause disunion amongst the Companions of the Prophet: how should any vain fool understand the grace of God?
  • تا جهودی را ز شام اینجا کشند ** که به وعظ او جهودان سر خوشند
  • (They have built the Mosque) in order that they may fetch hither a Jew from Syria, with whose preaching the Jews are intoxicated.”