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  • او بود محروم از صحرا و مرج ** عمر او اندر گره کاری است خرج‏
  • It is deprived of the open country and meadowland, its life is spent in dealing with knots;
  • خود زبون او نگردد هیچ دام ** لیک پرش در شکست افتد مدام‏
  • And even (then) the snare is nowise subdued by it, but its wings are always getting broken.
  • با گره کم کوش تا بال و پرت ** نگسلد یک یک از این کر و فرت‏
  • Do not struggle with knots, lest thy wings and feathers be snapped asunder one by one through this vain display (of effort) on thy part.
  • صد هزاران مرغ پرهاشان شکست ** و آن کمین گاه عوارض را نبست‏
  • Myriads of birds have had their wings broken, and have not stopped that calamitous ambuscade (from doing its work).
  • حال ایشان از نبی خوان ای حریص ** نقبوا فیها ببین هل من محیص‏ 3740
  • Read in the Qur’án (concerning) their state, O covetous one: —They explored (and wandered) in them (the lands of the earth); mark (the words), Was there any refuge?
  • از نزاع ترک و رومی و عرب ** حل نشد اشکال انگور و عنب‏
  • The difficulty over angúr and ‘inab was not solved by the contest between the Turk, the Greek, and the Arab.
  • تا سلیمان لسین معنوی ** در نیاید بر نخیزد این دوی‏
  • Until the spiritual Solomon, skilled in tongues, shall intervene, this duality will not disappear.
  • جمله مرغان منازع بازوار ** بشنوید این طبل باز شهریار
  • O all ye wrangling birds, hearken, like the falcon, to this falcon-drum of the King.
  • ز اختلاف خویش سوی اتحاد ** هین ز هر جانب روان گردید شاد
  • Hark, from every quarter set out with joy, (flying away) from your diversity towards oneness.
  • حیث ما کنتم فولوا وجهکم ** نحوه هذا الذی لم ینهکم‏ 3745
  • Wheresoever ye be, turn your faces towards it: this is the thing which He hath not forbidden unto you (at any time).