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  • چشم باز و گوش باز و دام پیش ** سوی دامی می‌پرد با پر خویش
  • (With) eye open and ear open and the snare in front, it is flying towards a snare with its own wings.
  • تشبیه بند و دام قضا به صورت پنهان به اثر پیدا
  • A comparison (showing that) the bonds and snares of Destiny, though outwardly invisible, are manifest in their effects.
  • بینی اندر دلق مهتر زاده‌ای ** سر برهنه در بلا افتاده‌ای 1650
  • You may see a nobleman’s son in a tattered cloak, bareheaded, fallen into affliction.
  • در هوای نابکاری سوخته ** اقمشه و املاک خود بفروخته
  • (He is) consumed with passion for some ne’er-do-well, (he has) sold his furniture and properties.
  • خان و مان رفته شده بدنام و خوار ** کام دشمن می‌رود ادبیروار
  • His household (is) gone, (he has) become ill-famed and despised; he walks along like (one in) misfortune, to the joy of his foes.
  • زاهدی بیند بگوید ای کیا ** همتی می‌دار از بهر خدا
  • (If) he sees an ascetic, he will say, “O venerable sir, bestow on me a benediction for God’s sake,
  • کاندرین ادبار زشت افتاده‌ام ** مال و زر و نعمت از کف داده‌ام
  • For I have fallen into this ugly misfortune and have let wealth and gold and happiness go from my hand.
  • همتی تا بوک من زین وا رهم ** زین گل تیره بود که بر جهم 1655
  • (Give me) a benediction, so that maybe I shall be delivered from this (woe) and maybe escape from this dark clay.
  • این دعا می‌خواهد او از عام و خاص ** کالخلاص و الخلاص و الخلاص
  • He is begging this prayer of high and low, crying, “Release and release and release!”
  • دست باز و پای باز و بند نی ** نه موکل بر سرش نه آهنی
  • His hand is free and his foot free, and there is no chain, no custodian (standing) over him, no iron (gyve).
  • از کدامین بند می‌جویی خلاص ** وز کدامین حبس می‌جویی مناص
  • From what chain art thou seeking release, and from what imprisonment art thou seeking to escape?