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  • ور کند دعوت به تقلیدی بود ** نه از عیان و وحی تاییدی بود
  • And if (before this) he call (the people to God), it is in a conventional fashion; it is not from vision and the revelation of any (Divine) aid.
  • گفت پس چون رحم داری بر همه ** همچو چوپانی به گرد این رمه
  • She (the Shaykh's wife) said, “Then, since thou hast pity on all, and art like the shepherd (going watchfully) around this flock,
  • چون نداری نوحه بر فرزند خویش ** چونک فصاد اجلشان زد بنیش 1815
  • How mournest thou not for thine own sons, when Death, the Bleeder, has pierced them with his lancet?
  • چون گواه رحم اشک دیده‌هاست ** دیده‌ی تو بی نم و گریه چراست
  • Since the evidence of pity is tears in the eyes, why are thine eyes without moisture and tearless?”
  • رو به زن کرد و بگفتش ای عجوز ** خود نباشد فصل دی همچون تموز
  • He turned towards his wife and said to her, “Old woman, verily the season of December is not like Tamúz (July).
  • جمله گر مردند ایشان گر حی‌اند ** غایب و پنهان ز چشم دل کی‌اند
  • Whether they all are dead or living, when are they absent and hid from the eye of the heart?
  • من چو بینمشان معین پیش خویش ** از چه رو رو را کنم همچون تو ریش
  • Inasmuch as I see them distinct before me, for what reason should I rend my face as thou doest?
  • گرچه بیرون‌اند از دور زمان ** با من‌اند و گرد من بازی‌کنان 1820
  • Although they are outside of Time's revolution, they are with me and playing around me.
  • گریه از هجران بود یا از فراق ** با عزیزانم وصالست و عناق
  • Weeping is caused by severance or by parting; I am united with my dear ones and embracing them.
  • خلق اندر خواب می‌بینندشان ** من به بیداری همی‌بینم عیان
  • (Other) people see them (their dear ones) in sleep; I see them plainly in (my) waking state.