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  • تا ببینم قلزمی در قطره‌ای ** آفتابی درج اندر ذره‌ای
  • That I might behold an ocean in a drop of water, a sun enclosed in a mote.
  • چون رسیدم سوی یک ساحل بگام ** بود بیگه گشته روز و وقت شام
  • When I came on foot to a certain shore, the day had turned late, and ’twas eventide.
  • نمودن مثال هفت شمع سوی ساحل
  • The apparition of what seemed like seven candles in the direction of the shore.
  • هفت شمع از دور دیدم ناگهان ** اندر آن ساحل شتابیدم بدان 1985
  • Of a sudden I beheld from afar seven candles and hastened along the shore towards them.
  • نور شعله‌ی هر یکی شمعی از آن ** بر شده خوش تا عنان آسمان
  • The light of the flame of each candle thereof ascended beauteously to the loft of the sky.
  • خیره گشتم خیرگی هم خیره گشت ** موج حیرت عقل را از سر گذشت
  • I became amazed, (so that) even amazement (itself) became amazed: the waves of bewilderment passed over the head of my understanding.
  • این چگونه شمعها افروختست ** کین دو دیده‌ی خلق ازینها دوختست
  • (I thought), ‘What kind of candles are these (that) He hath lighted, so that the eyes of His creatures are screened from them?’
  • خلق جویان چراغی گشته بود ** پیش آن شمعی که بر مه می‌فزود
  • The people had gone to seek a lamp in the presence of that (sevenfold) candle which was surpassing the moon (in splendour).
  • چشم‌بندی بد عجب بر دیده‌ها ** بندشان می‌کرد یهدی من یشا 1990
  • Wonderful! There was a bandage over their eyes: they were bound by (the Divine destiny implied in the text) He guideth aright those whom He will.
  • شدن آن هفت شمع بر مثال یک شمع
  • How the seven candles became what seemed like one candle.
  • باز می‌دیدم که می‌شد هفت یک ** می‌شکافد نور او جیب فلک
  • Then I saw the seven (candles) become one, its light cleaving the bosom (rim) of the sky.
  • باز آن یک بار دیگر هفت شد ** مستی و حیرانی من زفت شد
  • Then again that one became seven once more: my intoxication and bewilderment waxed mighty.