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  • آمد الهام خدا کای با فروز ** می عجب داری ز کار ما هنوز
  • The Divine inspiration came (upon me), saying, ‘O illustrious one, art thou still wondering at Our action?’
  • هفت مرد شدن آن هفت درخت
  • How the seven trees became seven men.
  • بعد دیری گشت آنها هفت مرد ** جمله در قعده پی یزدان فرد
  • After a long while those (trees) became seven men, all seated (in contemplation) for the sake of God who is single.
  • چشم می‌مالم که آن هفت ارسلان ** تا کیانند و چه دارند از جهان 2055
  • I keep rubbing my eyes (and wondering) who are those seven heroes and what they have of this world.
  • چون به نزدیکی رسیدم من ز راه ** کردم ایشان را سلام از انتباه
  • When by (traversing) the road I came near (to them), I saluted them alertly.
  • قوم گفتندم جواب آن سلام ** ای دقوقی مفخر و تاج کرام
  • The company (the seven men) answered that salutation, saying, ‘O Daqúqí, glory and crown of the noble!’
  • گفتم آخر چون مرا بشناختند ** پیش ازین بر من نظر ننداختند
  • ‘Why,’ said I (to myself), ‘how did they recognise me? They never set eyes on me before this (moment).’
  • از ضمیر من بدانستند زود ** یکدگر را بنگریدند از فرود
  • At once they knew of my unspoken thought, and looked covertly at one another,
  • پاسخم دادند خندان کای عزیز ** این بپوشیدست اکنون بر تو نیز 2060
  • And smilingly answered, ‘O honoured one, is this hidden from thee even now?
  • بر دلی کو در تحیر با خداست ** کی شود پوشیده راز چپ و راست
  • How should the mystery of left and right be hidden from the heart that is in (the state of) bewilderment with God?’
  • گفتم ار سوی حقایق بشکفند ** چون ز اسم حرف رسمی واقفند
  • I said (to myself), ‘If they are open to (in communication with) the (spiritual) realities, (yet) how are they acquainted with names (consisting) of letters attached to the form (of words)?’