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  • با خود آمد گفت را کوتاه کرد ** لب ببست و عزم خلوتگاه کرد
  • (Thereupon) he came to himself, cut short his discourse, closed his lips, and set out for the place where he was alone.
  • در خلوت رفتن داود تا آنچ حقست پیدا شود
  • How David went into seclusion in order that the truth might be made manifest.
  • در فرو بست و برفت آنگه شتاب ** سوی محراب و دعای مستجاب 2415
  • He shut the door, and then went quickly to the prayer-niche and (betook himself to) the invocation that is answered (by God).
  • حق نمودش آنچ بنمودش تمام ** گشت واقف بر سزای انتقام
  • God revealed the entire matter to him’ he became aware of him that was (really) deserving of punishment.
  • روز دیگر جمله خصمان آمدند ** پیش داود پیمبر صف زدند
  • Next day all the litigants came and formed ranks before David.
  • همچنان آن ماجراها باز رفت ** زود زد آن مدعی تشنیع زفت
  • Thus the questions (left) in dispute came up again: the plain tiff at once uttered violent reproaches.
  • حکم کردن داود بر صاحب گاو کی از سر گاو برخیز و تشنیع صاحب گاو بر داود علیه السلام
  • How David gave judgement against the owner of the cow, bidding him withdraw from the case concerning the cow; and how the owner of the cow reproached David, on whom be peace.
  • گفت داودش خمش کن رو بهل ** این مسلمان را ز گاوت کن بحل
  • David said to him, “Be silent! Go, abandon (your claim), and acquit this Moslem of (responsibility for) your cow.
  • چون خدا پوشید بر تو ای جوان ** رو خمش کن حق ستاری بدان 2420
  • Inasmuch as God has thrown a veil over you (concealed your guilt), O youth, depart and keep silence and acknowledge the obligation of (giving thanks to God for His) concealment.”
  • گفت وا ویلی چه حکمست این چه داد ** از پی من شرع نو خواهی نهاد
  • He cried, “Oh, woe is me! What judgement is this, what justice? Wilt thou establish a new law on my account?
  • رفته است آوازه‌ی عدلت چنان ** که معطر شد زمین و آسمان
  • The fame of thy justice has gone so far that earth and heaven have become fragrant (with the scent thereof).
  • بر سگان کور این استم نرفت ** زین تعدی سنگ و که بشکافت تفت
  • This wrong has never been done (even) to blind dogs; rock and mountain are burst asunder of a sudden by this iniquity.”