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  • اعجمی چون گشته‌ای اندر قضا ** می‌گریزانی ز داور مال را
  • How (then) have you become, in (the case of Divine) destiny, (like) a churl— withholding your money from the (Supreme) Judge?
  • خبر کردن خروس از مرگ خواجه
  • How the cock foretold the death of the Khwája.
  • لیک فردا خواهد او مردن یقین ** گاو خواهد کشت وارث در حنین
  • “But to-morrow he will certainly die: his heir, in mourning (for him), will slaughter a cow.
  • صاحب خانه بخواهد مرد رفت ** روز فردا نک رسیدت لوت زفت
  • The owner of the house will die (and) depart (from this world): lo, to-morrow a great deal of food will reach you.
  • پاره‌های نان و لالنگ و طعام ** در میان کوی یابد خاص و عام 3345
  • High and low will get pieces of bread and dainty morsels and viands in the midst of the street.
  • گاو قربانی و نانهای تنک ** بر سگان و سایلان ریزد سبک
  • (The flesh of) the sacrificed cow and thin loaves of bread will be scattered quickly over the dogs and the beggars.”
  • مرگ اسپ و استر و مرگ غلام ** بد قضا گردان این مغرور خام
  • The death of the horse and mule and the death of the slave were bringing round the doom of this foolish deluded man.
  • از زیان مال و درد آن گریخت ** مال افزون کرد و خون خویش ریخت
  • He fled (escaped) from the loss of wealth and from grief thereat: he increased his wealth and shed his own blood.
  • این ریاضتهای درویشان چراست ** کان بلا بر تن بقای جانهاست
  • These austerities of dervishes—what are they for? (The reason is) that that tribulation (imposed) on the body is (in effect) the everlasting life of spirits.
  • تا بقای خود نیابد سالکی ** چون کند تن را سقیم و هالکی 3350
  • Unless a (mystic) traveller gains the everlasting life of his (spiritual) self, how should he make his body a sick and perishing (thing)?
  • دست کی جنبد به ایثار و عمل ** تا نبیند داده را جانش بدل
  • How should he move his hand to (acts of) altruism and (devotional) work unless he sees (the salvation of) his soul in exchange for what is given (by him)?