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  • هرکه بینی در زیانی می‌رود ** گرچه تنها با عوانی می‌رود
  • Whomsoever you see going in a (path of) detriment, he, though (apparently) alone, is going along with a (hidden) myrmidon.
  • گر ازو واقف بدی افغان زدی ** پیش آن سلطان سلطانان شدی 3825
  • If he were aware of him, he would cry out in distress and go into the presence of the King of kings,
  • ریختی بر سر به پیش شاه خاک ** تا امان دیدی ز دیو سهمناک
  • And scatter earth on his head before the King, that he might find security from the frightful Devil.
  • میر دیدی خویش را ای کم ز مور ** زان ندیدی آن موکل را تو کور
  • (But) you, O less than an ant, deemed yourself a prince: hence, blind (as you are), you did not see that custodian.
  • غره گشتی زین دروغین پر و بال ** پر و بالی کو کشد سوی وبال
  • You were deluded by these false wings and plumes—the wings and plumes that lead to woe.
  • پر سبک دارد ره بالا کند ** چون گل‌آلو شد گرانیها کند
  • (If) he keep his wings light (unencumbered), he journeys upward; when he becomes defiled with earth, he makes heavinesses (which weigh him down).
  • لاابالی گفتن عاشق ناصح و عاذل را از سر عشق
  • How the lover, impelled by love, said “I don't care” to the person who counselled and scolded him.
  • گفت ای ناصح خمش کن چند چند ** پند کم ده زانک بس سختست بند 3830
  • He said, “O counsellor, be silent! How long, how long (wilt thou chide)? Do not give advice, for the bonds (on me) are very grievous.
  • سخت‌تر شد بند من از پند تو ** عشق را نشناخت دانشمند تو
  • My bonds are more grievous than thy advice: thy doctor (who taught thee) was not acquainted with love.
  • آن طرف که عشق می‌افزود درد ** بوحنیفه و شافعی درسی نکرد
  • In that quarter where love was increasing (my) pain, Bú Hanífa and Sháfi‘í gave no instruction.
  • تو مکن تهدید از کشتن که من ** تشنه‌ی زارم به خون خویشتن
  • Do not thou threaten me with being killed, for I thirst lamentably for mine own blood.”