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  • دست چون دف و شکم همچون دهل ** طبل عشق آب می‌کوبم چو گل 3890
  • (With) hands (swollen) like a tambourine and belly like a drum, I am beating the drum of (I am proclaiming) my love for the water, as the rose (does).
  • گر بریزد خونم آن روح الامین ** جرعه جرعه خون خورم همچون زمین
  • If that Trusty Spirit spill my blood, I will drink draught on draught of blood, like the earth.
  • چون زمین وچون جنین خون‌خواره‌ام ** تا که عاشق گشته‌ام این کاره‌ام
  • I am a blood-drinker, like the earth and like the embryo: (ever) since I became a lover I am (engaged) in this trade.
  • شب همی‌جوشم در آتش همچو دیگ ** روز تا شب خون خورم مانند ریگ
  • During the night I boil on the fire, like a kettle; (all) day till nightfall I drink blood, like the sand.
  • من پشیمانم که مکر انگیختم ** از مراد خشم او بگریختم
  • I repent that I set contrivance afoot (in order to escape) and fled from that which his anger desired.
  • گو بران بر جان مستم خشم خویش ** عید قربان اوست و عاشق گاومیش 3895
  • Let him drive on (let him not restrain) his anger against my intoxicated soul: he is the Feast of the Sacrifice, and the lover is the buffalo (for slaughter).
  • گاو اگر خسپد وگر چیزی خورد ** بهر عید و ذبح او می‌پرورد
  • Whether the buffalo sleep or whether it eat something, he nurtures (fattens) it for the Feast and the slaughter.
  • گاو موسی دان مرا جان داده‌ای ** جزو جزوم حشر هر آزاده‌ای
  • Deem me to be (as) the cow of Moses that gave up its life: each limb of me is the (means of) raising from the dead every one that is (spiritually) free.
  • گاو موسی بود قربان گشته‌ای ** کمترین جزوش حیات کشته‌ای
  • The cow of Moses was one offered in sacrifice: her smallest limb brought a murdered man to life.
  • برجهید آن کشته ز آسیبش ز جا ** در خطاب اضربوه بعضها
  • At its touch the murdered man sprang up from his place—at the words spoken (by God), Strike him with part of her.