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  • گر تو روی یار ما را دیده‌ای ** پس تو جان را جان و ما را دیده‌ای
  • Saying, “You have seen the face of our friend, therefore to the (beloved) Soul you are (as) the soul, and to us (as) the eye.”
  • نواختن مجنون آن سگ را کی مقیم کوی لیلی بود
  • How Majnún petted the dog that lived in Layla's abode.
  • همچو مجنون کو سگی را می‌نواخت ** بوسه‌اش می‌داد و پیشش می‌گداخت
  • (They behaved) like Majnún, who was (seen) petting a dog and kissing it and melting (with fondness) before it:
  • گرد او می‌گشت خاضع در طواف ** هم جلاب شکرش می‌داد صاف
  • He was pacing round it, stooping humbly in circumambulation; he was also giving it pure sugar-julep (to drink).
  • بوالفضولی گفت ای مجنون خام ** این چه شیدست این که می‌آری مدام
  • An idle talker said, “O half-baked Majnún, what hypocrisy is this that thou art always displaying?
  • پوز سگ دایم پلیدی می‌خورد ** مقعد خود را بلب می‌استرد 570
  • A dog's muzzle is ever eating filth; a dog scrapes its séant with its lips.”
  • عیبهای سگ بسی او بر شمرد ** عیب‌دان از غیب‌دان بویی نبرد
  • He recounted the dog's faults at some length: no one who perceives faults (‘aybdán) has got (even) a scent (inkling) of him that knows the things unseen (ghaybdán).
  • گفت مجنون تو همه نقشی و تن ** اندر آ و بنگرش از چشم من
  • Majnún said, “Thou art entirely (external) form and body: come within, and view it (the dog) through my eyes;
  • کین طلسم بسته‌ی مولیست این ** پاسبان کوچه‌ی لیلیست این
  • For this (dog) is a talisman sealed by (the hand of) the Lord: this (dog) is the guardian of the abode of Laylá.
  • همنشین بین و دل و جان و شناخت ** کو کجا بگزید و مسکن‌گاه ساخت
  • Look at its high aspiration and its heart and soul and knowledge; (consider) where it chose (to live) and made its dwelling-place.
  • او سگ فرخ‌رخ کهف منست ** بلک او هم‌درد و هم‌لهف منست 575
  • It is the dog of blessed countenance, (the dog) of my Cave; nay, it is the sharer of my grief and woe.