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  • جهد بی توفیق خود کس را مباد ** در جهان والله اعلم بالسداد
  • Truly, may no one in the world have toil without (God's) prospering (it)! And God best knoweth the right course.
  • قصه‌ی خواب دیدن فرعون آمدن موسی را علیه السلام و تدارک اندیشیدن
  • The Story of Pharaoh's dream of the coming of Moses, on whom be peace, and how he took thought to relieve himself (of the threatened danger).
  • جهد فرعونی چو بی توفیق بود ** هرچه او می‌دوخت آن تفتیق بود 840
  • Inasmuch as Pharaoh's toil was unblest (by God), whatsoever he would stitch, that (stitching) was (in effect an act of) ripping asunder.
  • از منجم بود در حکمش هزار ** وز معبر نیز و ساحر بی‌شمار
  • He had a thousand astrologers at his beck, and also a countless multitude of dream-interpreters and magicians.
  • مقدم موسی نمودندش بخواب ** که کند فرعون و ملکش را خراب
  • There was shown to him in a dream the coming of Moses, who would destroy Pharaoh and his kingdom.
  • با معبر گفت و با اهل نجوم ** چون بود دفع خیال و خواب شوم
  • He said to the interpreters and astrologers, “How may (the fulfilment of) the ill-boding phantasm and dream be warded off?”
  • جمله گفتندش که تدبیری کنیم ** راه زادن را چو ره‌زن می‌زنیم
  • They all said to him, “We will contrive something, we will waylay the birth (of Moses), like brigands.”
  • تا رسید آن شب که مولد بود آن ** رای این دیدند آن فرعونیان 845
  • (They waited) till the night arrived on which the begetting (of Moses) took place; those Pharaoh's men deemed it advisable,
  • که برون آرند آن روز از پگاه ** سوی میدان بزم و تخت پادشاه
  • Early on that day, to bring forth the King's banquet and throne towards the maydán (public arena outside of the city),
  • الصلا ای جمله اسرائیلیان ** شاه می‌خواند شما را زان مکان
  • (Proclaiming), “Welcome, O all ye Israelites! The King calls you from that place (where ye are),
  • تا شما را رو نماید بی نقاب ** بر شما احسان کند بهر ثواب
  • That he may show unto you his face unveiled, and do kindness unto you for the sake of the (Divine) recompense”;