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  • گفت عبدالمطلب کین دم کجاست ** ای علیم السر نشان ده راه راست
  • ‘Abdu ’l-Muttalib said, “Where is he now? O Thou that knowest the secret (of all things), point out the right way!”
  • نشان خواستن عبدالمطلب از موضع محمد علیه‌السلام کی کجاش یابم و جواب آمدن از اندرون کعبه و نشان یافتن
  • How ‘Abdu ’l-Muttalib asked for a clue to the place where Mohammed was—peace be upon him!—saying, "Where shall I find him?" and how he was answered from within the Ka‘ba and obtained the clue.
  • از درون کعبه آوازش رسید ** گفت ای جوینده آن طفل رشید
  • A voice reached him from within the Ka‘ba. It said, “O seeker, that righteous child
  • در فلان وادیست زیر آن درخت ** پس روان شد زود پیر نیکبخت
  • Is in such and such a wadi beneath yonder tree.” Then the good-fortuned old man at once set out.
  • در رکاب او امیران قریش ** زانک جدش بود ز اعیان قریش 1035
  • At his stirrup (were) the princes of Quraysh, for his (Mohammed's) grandfather was one of the notables of Quraysh.
  • تا به پشت آدم اسلافش همه ** مهتران بزم و رزم و ملحمه
  • All his (Mohammed's) ancestors (reaching back) to the loins of Adam (were) lords in feast and fray and the carnage of battle.
  • این نسب خود پوست او را بوده است ** کز شهنشاهان مه پالوده است
  • This lineage is (applicable) only to his husk (body), which is strained pure (in descent) from mighty emperors.
  • مغز او خود از نسب دورست و پاک ** نیست جنسش از سمک کس تا سماک
  • His kernel, in sooth, is remote from lineage, and unsoiled (by contamination with mankind): none is its congener from the Fish to Arcturus.
  • نور حق را کس نجوید زاد و بود ** خلعت حق را چه حاجت تار و پود
  • None seeks (to know) the birth and (coming into) existence of the Light of God: what need of warp and woof hath God's robe of honour?
  • کمترین خلعت که بدهد در ثواب ** بر فزاید بر طراز آفتاب 1040
  • The meanest robe of honour that He bestows in recompense (for good works) excels the embroidered raiment of the sun.
  • بقیه‌ی قصه‌ی دعوت رحمت بلقیس را
  • The rest of the story of (the Divine) Mercy’s calling Bilqís.
  • خیز بلقیسا بیا و ملک بین ** بر لب دریای یزدان در بچین
  • “Arise, O Bilqís! Come and behold the Kingdom! Gather pearls on the shore of God’s Sea!