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  • گر تو نشناسی کسی را از ظلام ** بنگر او را کوش سازیدست امام 1640
  • If, on account of the darkness (of ignorance), thou dost not recognise a person (so as to discern his real nature), look at him whom he has made his imam (leader);
  • بیان آنک عارف را غذاییست از نور حق کی ابیت عند ربی یطعمنی و یسقینی و قوله الجوع طعام الله یحیی به ابدان الصدیقین ای فی الجوع یصل طعام‌الله
  • Explaining that the gnostic hath a nutriment (consisting) of the Light of God, for (the Prophet said), "I pass the night with my Lord: He giveth me meat and drink"; and "Hunger is God's food whereby He revives the bodies of the siddíqs," that is, "in hunger God's food reaches (them)."
  • زانک هر کره پی مادر رود ** تا بدان جنسیتش پیدا شود
  • For every foal goes after its dam, so that thereby (the fact of) its being a congener becomes apparent.
  • آدمی را شیر از سینه رسد ** شیر خر از نیم زیرینه رسد
  • The human creature's milk comes from the breast (the upper half); the milk of the ass comes from the under-half.
  • عدل قسامست و قسمت کردنیست ** این عجب که جبر نی و ظلم نیست
  • ’Tis the Justice of the Dispenser, ’tis an act of (just) dispensation: the wonder is this, that (in the Divine dispensation) there is neither compulsion nor injustice.
  • جبر بودی کی پشیمانی بدی ** ظلم بودی کی نگهبانی بدی
  • Were there compulsion, how would there be repentance? Were there injustice, how would there be protection?
  • روز آخر شد سبق فردا بود ** راز ما را روز کی گنجا بود 1645
  • The day is ended: the lesson will be to-morrow: how should the day (of this life) contain our mystery?
  • ای بکرده اعتماد واثقی ** بر دم و بر چاپلوس فاسقی
  • O thou who hast put firm confidence in the breath (vain words) and flattery of a scoundrel,
  • قبه‌ای بر ساختستی از حباب ** آخر آن خیمه‌ست بس واهی‌طناب
  • Thou hast raised up a tent of bubbles: in the end (thou wilt find that) that tent has exceedingly weak ropes.
  • زرق چون برقست و اندر نور آن ** راه نتوانند دیدن ره‌روان
  • Hypocrisy is like lightning, and in its gleam the travellers cannot see the way.
  • این جهان و اهل او بی‌حاصل‌اند ** هر دو اندر بی‌وفایی یکدل‌اند
  • This world and its people are good-for-nothing: both are unanimous in respect of (their) faithlessness.