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  • گر بفضلش پی ببردی هر فضول ** کی فرستادی خدا چندین رسول
  • If every busybody had found the track (had attained) to His grace, how should God have sent so many prophets?
  • عقل جزوی هم‌چو برقست و درخش ** در درخشی کی توان شد سوی وخش
  • The particular intellect is like the lightning and the flash: how is it possible to go to Wakhsh in a flash?
  • نیست نور برق بهر رهبری ** بلک امریست ابر را که می‌گری 3320
  • The light of the lightning is not for guidance on the way; nay, it is a command to the cloud to weep.
  • برق عقل ما برای گریه است ** تا بگرید نیستی در شوق هست
  • The lightning of our intellect is for the sake of weeping, to the end that nonexistence may weep in longing for (real) existence.
  • عقل کودک گفت بر کتاب تن ** لیک نتواند به خود آموختن
  • The child's intellect said, “Attend school”; but it cannot learn by itself.
  • عقل رنجور آردش سوی طبیب ** لیک نبود در دوا عقلش مصیب
  • The sick man's intellect leads him to the physician; but his intellect is not successful in curing him.
  • نک شیاطین سوی گردون می‌شدند ** گوش بر اسرار بالا می‌زدند
  • Mark, the devils were going heavenward and listening to the secrets on high
  • می‌ربودند اندکی زان رازها ** تا شهب می‌راندشان زود از سما 3325
  • And carrying away a little of those secrets, till the shooting stars quickly drove them from heaven,
  • که روید آنجا رسولی آمدست ** هر چه می‌خواهید زو آید به دست
  • Saying, “Begone! A prophet is come there (on the earth): from him will be obtained whatsoever ye crave.
  • گر همی‌جویید در بی‌بها ** ادخلوا الابیات من ابوابها
  • If ye are seeking priceless pearls, enter the houses by their doors.