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  • چون فرود آیی ببینی رایگان ** یک جهان پر گل‌رخان و دایگان
  • When thou comest down, thou wilt behold, free of cost, a world filled with rose-cheeked (beauties) and (their) nurses.
  • حکایت آن زن پلیدکار کی شوهر را گفت کی آن خیالات از سر امرودبن می‌نماید ترا کی چنینها نماید چشم آدمی را سر آن امرودبن از سر امرودبن فرود آی تا آن خیالها برود و اگر کسی گوید کی آنچ آن مرد می‌دید خیال نبود و جواب این مثالیست نه مثل در مثال همین قدر بس بود کی اگر بر سر امرودبن نرفتی هرگز آنها ندیدی خواه خیال خواه حقیقت
  • Story of the lewd woman who said to her husband, "Those illusions appear to thee from the top of the pear-tree, for the top of that pear-tree causes the human eye to see such things: come down from the top of the pear-tree, that those illusions may vanish." And if any one should say that what that man saw was not an illusion, the answer is that this (story) is a parable, not a (precise) similitude. In the (story regarded as a) parable this amount (of resemblance) is sufficient, for if he had not gone to the top of the peartree, he would never have seen those things, whether illusory or real.
  • آن زنی می‌خواست تا با مول خود ** بر زند در پیش شوی گول خود
  • That woman desired to embrace her paramour in the presence of her foolish husband.
  • پس به شوهر گفت زن کای نیکبخت ** من برآیم میوه چیدن بر درخت 3545
  • Therefore the woman said to her husband, “O fortunate one, I will climb the tree to gather fruit.”
  • چون برآمد بر درخت آن زن گریست ** چون ز بالا سوی شوهر بنگریست
  • As soon as she had climbed the tree, the woman burst into tears when from the top she looked in the direction of her husband.
  • گفت شوهر را کای مابون رد ** کیست آن لوطی که بر تو می‌فتد
  • Marito dixit, “O cinaede improbe, quis est ille paedicator qui super te incumbit?” [She told (her) husband, “O wicked sodomite, who is that sodomizer who is lying on top of you?”]
  • تو به زیر او چو زن بغنوده‌ای ** ای فلان تو خود مخنث بوده‌ای
  • Tu sub eo velut femina quietus es: O homo tu vero catamitus evasisti.” [You have been lying underneath him (passively) like a woman: O so-and-so, you have certainly become a catamite.” ]
  • گفت شوهر نه سرت گویی بگشت ** ورنه اینجا نیست غیر من به دشت
  • “Nay,” said the husband: “one would think thy head is turned (thou hast lost thy wits); at any rate, there is nobody here on the plain except me.”
  • زن مکرر کرد که آن با برطله ** کیست بر پشتت فرو خفته هله 3550
  • Uxor rem repetivit. “Eho,” inquit, “iste pileatus quis est super tergo tuo incumbens?” [The wife repeated (it), saying, “The one with a cap lying on your back, who is he then?”]
  • گفت ای زن هین فرود آ از درخت ** که سرت گشت و خرف گشتی تو سخت
  • “Hark, wife,” he replied, “come down from the tree, for thy head is turned and thou hast become very dotish.”
  • چون فرود آمد بر آمد شوهرش ** زن کشید آن مول را اندر برش
  • When she came down, her husband went up: (then) the woman drew her paramour into her arms.