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  • زانک شکل زفت بهر منکرست ** چونک عاجز آمدی لطف و برست
  • Because the mighty shape is for (terrifying) the unbeliever; when you have become helpless, it is mercy and kindness.
  • نمودن جبرئیل علیه‌السلام خود را به مصطفی صلی‌الله علیه و سلم به صورت خویش و از هفتصد پر او چون یک پر ظاهر شد افق را بگرفت و آفتاب محجوب شد با همه شعاعش
  • How Gabriel, on whom be peace, showed himself to Mustafá (Mohammed), God bless and save him, in his own shape; and how, when one of his seven hundred wings became visible, it covered the horizon (on all sides), and the sun with all its radiance was veiled over.
  • مصطفی می‌گفت پیش جبرئیل ** که چنانک صورت تست ای خلیل 3755
  • Mustafá said in the presence of Gabriel, “Even as thy shape (really) is, O friend,
  • مر مرا بنما تو محسوس آشکار ** تا ببینم مر ترا نظاره‌وار
  • Show it to me sensibly and visibly, that I may behold thee as spectators (who fix their eyes on an object of interest).”
  • گفت نتوانی و طاقت نبودت ** حس ضعیفست و تنک سخت آیدت
  • He replied, “Thou canst not (bear this) and hast not the power to endure it; the sense (of sight) is weak and frail: ’twould be grievous for thee (to behold me).”
  • گفت بنما تا ببیند این جسد ** تا چد حد حس نازکست و بی‌مدد
  • “Show thyself,” said he, “that this body may perceive to what an extent the senses are frail and resourceless.”
  • آدمی را هست حس تن سقیم ** لیک در باطن یکی خلقی عظیم
  • Man's bodily senses are infirm, but he hath a potent nature within.
  • بر مثال سنگ و آهن این تنه ** لیک هست او در صفت آتش‌زنه 3760
  • This body resembles flint and steel, but in quality (intrinsically) it is a striker of fire.
  • سنگ وآهن مولد ایجاد نار ** زاد آتش بر دو والد قهربار
  • Flint and steel are the birth-place whence fire is brought into being: (from them) fire is born, domineering over both its parents.
  • باز آتش دستکار وصف تن ** هست قاهر بر تن او و شعله‌زن
  • Fire, again, exercises sway over the bodily nature: it is dominant over the body and flaming;
  • باز در تن شعله ابراهیم‌وار ** که ازو مقهور گردد برج نار
  • Yet again, there is in the body an Abraham-like flame whereby the tower of fire is subdued.