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  • گرچه از لذات بی‌تاثیر شد ** لذتی بود او و لذت‌گیر شد 405
  • Although he was unaffected by (worldly) pleasures, (yet) he was a man of (spiritual) pleasure and became the recipient of (that) pleasure.
  • شرح انما الممنون اخوة والعلماء کنفس واحدة خاصه اتحاد داود و سلیمان و سایر انبیا علیهم‌السلام کی اگر یکی ازیشان را منکر شوی ایمان به هیچ نبی درست نباشد و این علامت اتحادست کی یک خانه از هزاران خانه ویران کنی آن همه ویران شود و یک دیوار قایم نماند کی لانفرق بین احد منهم و العاقل یکفیه الاشارة این خود از اشارت گذشت
  • Explanation of "Verily, the Faithful are brothers, and the ‘ulamá (divines) are as one soul"; in particular, the oneness of David, Solomon, and all the other prophets, on whom be peace: if you disbelieve in one of them, (your) faith in any prophet will not be perfect; and this is the sign of (their) oneness, that if you destroy a single one of those thousands of houses, all the rest will be destroyed, and not a single wall will be left standing; for "We make no distinction between any of them (the prophets)." Indication is sufficient for him that hath intelligence: this goes even beyond indication.
  • گرچه بر ناید به جهد و زور تو ** لیک مسجد را برآرد پور تو
  • (God said to David), “Although it will not be accomplished by thy labour and strength, yet the Mosque will be erected by thy son.
  • کرده‌ی او کرده‌ی تست ای حکیم ** ممنان را اتصالی دان قدیم
  • His deed is thy deed, O man of wisdom: know that between the Faithful is an ancient union.”
  • ممنان معدود لیک ایمان یکی ** جسمشان معدود لیکن جان یکی
  • The Faithful are numerous, but the Faith is one: their bodies are numerous, but their soul is one.
  • غیرفهم و جان که در گاو و خرست ** آدمی را عقل و جانی دیگرست
  • Besides the understanding and soul which is in the ox and the ass, Man has another intelligence and soul;
  • باز غیرجان و عقل آدمی ** هست جانی در ولی آن دمی 410
  • Again, in the owner of that (Divine) breath there is a soul other than the human soul and intelligence.
  • جان حیوانی ندارد اتحاد ** تو مجو این اتحاد از روح باد
  • The animal soul does not possess oneness: seek not thou this oneness from the airy (vital) spirit.
  • گر خورد این نان نگردد سیر آن ** ور کشد بار این نگردد او گران
  • If this one eat bread, that one is not filled; and if this one bear a load, that one does not become laden;
  • بلک این شادی کند از مرگ او ** از حسد میرد چو بیند برگ او
  • Nay, but this one rejoices at the death of that one, and dies of envy when he sees that one's prosperity.
  • جان گرگان و سگان هر یک جداست ** متحد جانهای شیران خداست
  • The souls of wolves and dogs are separate, every one; the souls of the Lions of God are united.