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  • گفت عفریتی که تختش را به فن ** حاضر آرم تا تو زین مجلس شدن
  • A certain ‘Ifrít (demon) said, “By (my) art I will bring her throne here before thy departure from this council.”
  • گفت آصف من به اسم اعظمش ** حاضر آرم پیش تو در یک دمش
  • Ásaf said, “By means of the greatest Name (of God) I will bring it here into thy presence in a single moment.”
  • گرچه عفریت اوستاد سحر بود ** لیک آن از نفخ آصف رو نمود 905
  • Though the ‘Ifrít was a master of magic, yet that (miracle) was displayed by the breath (spiritual power) of Ásaf.
  • حاضر آمد تخت بلقیس آن زمان ** لیک ز آصف نه از فن عفریتیان
  • The throne of Bilqís came into the presence instantly, but through Ásaf, not through the art of them that have the (malignant) nature of ‘Ifríts.
  • گفت حمدالله برین و صد چنین ** که بدیدستم ز رب العالمین
  • He (Solomon) said, “Praise to God for this and a hundred such (favours) which I have seen (received) from the Lord of created beings.”
  • پس نظر کرد آن سلیمان سوی تخت ** گفت آری گول‌گیری ای درخت
  • Then Solomon turned his eyes towards the throne. “Yes,” he said, “thou art one that catches fools, O tree!”
  • پیش چوب و پیش سنگ نقش کند ** ای بسا گولان که سرها می‌نهند
  • Oh, many are the fools that lay down their heads before wood and graven stone.
  • ساجد و مسجود از جان بی‌خبر ** دیده از جان جنبشی واندک اثر 910
  • (Both) the worshipper and the object of worship are ignorant of the spirit; (but) he (the worshipper) has felt a movement and a slight effect of the spirit.
  • دیده در وقتی که شد حیران و دنگ ** که سخن گفت و اشارت کرد سنگ
  • He has felt, at the moment when he became rapt (in devotion) and bewildered, that the stone spoke and made signs.
  • نرد خدمت چون بنا موضع بباخت ** شیر سنگین را شقی شیری شناخت
  • When the wretched man bestowed his devotion in the wrong place and deemed the lion of stone to be a (real) lion,