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  • جمله فسق و معصیت بد یک سری  ** هم‌چو دارالحرب پر از کافری 
  • The whole (of it) wickedness and sin from end to end, full of infidelity, like the land of war.
  • آنچنان نامه‌ی پلید پر وبال  ** در یمین ناید درآید در شمال 
  • Such a foul and noxious scroll does not come into the right hand; it comes into the left hand.
  • خود همین‌جا نامه‌ی خود را ببین  ** دست چپ را شاید آن یا در یمین  2155
  • Here also (in this world) regard your scroll (the record of your actions), (and consider) whether it fits the left hand or the right.
  • موزه‌ی چپ کفش چپ هم در دکان  ** آن چپ دانیش پیش از امتحان 
  • In the (bootmaker's) shop, can you know before trying (them) on that the left boot or shoe belongs to the left (foot)?
  • چون نباشی راست می‌دان که چپی  ** هست پیدا نعره‌ی شیر و کپی 
  • When you are not “right,” know that you are “left”; the cries of a lion and an ape are distinct (from one another).
  • آنک گل را شاهد و خوش‌بو کند  ** هر چپی را راست فضل او کند 
  • He (God) who makes the rose lovely and sweet-scented—His bounty makes every “left” to be “right.”
  • هر شمالی را یمینی او دهد  ** بحر را ماء معینی او دهد 
  • He bestows “rightness” on every one belonging to the “left” He bestows a(fresh) running water on the (salt) sea.
  • گر چپی با حضرت او راست باش  ** تا ببینی دست‌برد لطفهاش  2160
  • If you are “left,” be “right” (in perfect harmony) with His Lordship, that you may see His mercies prevail (over His wrath).
  • تو روا داری که این نامه‌ی مهین  ** بگذرد از چپ در آید در یمین 
  • Do you think it allowable that this vile scroll (of yours) should pass from the left hand and come into the right?
  • این چنین نامه که پرظلم و جفاست  ** کی بود خود درخور اندر دست راست 
  • How indeed should a scroll like this, which is full of iniquity and injury, be fit (to place) in the right hand?
  • در بیان کسی کی سخنی گوید کی حال او مناسب آن سخن و آن دعوی نباشد چنان که کفره و لن سالتهم من خلق السموات والارض لیقولن الله خدمت بت سنگین کردن و جان و زر فدای او کردن چه مناسب باشد با جانی کی داند کی خالق سموات و ارض و خلایق الهیست سمیعی بصیری حاضری مراقبی مستولی غیوری الی آخره 
  • Explaining the case of a person who makes a statement when his behaviour is not consistent with that statement and profession, like the infidels (of whom God hath said): “and if thou ask them who created the heavens and the earth they will surely say, ‘Allah.’” How is the worship of a stone idol and the sacrifice of life and wealth for its sake appropriate to a soul which knows that the creator of heaven and earth and (all) created beings is a God, all-hearing, all-seeing, omnipresent, all-observing, all dominating, jealous, etc.?