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  • امتحان زین بیشتر خود چون بود  ** رزق سوی صابران خوش می‌رود 
  • How should there be a trial more (perfect) than this? The daily bread comes with joy to those who have patience.”
  • جواب دادن روبه خر را و تحریض کردن او خر را بر کسب 
  • How the fox answered the ass and urged him to seek a livelihood.
  • گفت روبه این حکایت را بهل  ** دستها بر کسب زن جهد المقل 
  • The fox said, “Leave these stories and apply all your poor efforts to earning a livelihood.
  • دست دادستت خدا کاری بکن  ** مکسبی کن یاری یاری بکن  2420
  • God has given you hands: do some work, earn something, help a friend.
  • هر کسی در مکسبی پا می‌نهد  ** یاری یاران دیگر می‌کند 
  • Every one takes steps to earn something and (thereby) helps other friends (to earn),
  • زانک جمله کسب ناید از یکی  ** هم دروگر هم سقا هم حایکی 
  • Because all the earning is not done by one (craftsman): (there is) a carpenter and also a water-carrier and a weaver.
  • این بهنبازیست عالم بر قرار  ** هر کسی کاری گزیند ز افتقار 
  • By means of this partnership (the order of) the world is maintained: every one, (being impelled) by want, chooses some work.
  • طبل‌خواری در میانه شرط نیست  ** راه سنت کار و مکسب کردنیست 
  • ’Tis not right to be a lick-platter (idle parasite) in the midst (of them): the way of the Sunna is to work and earn.”
  • جواب گفتن خر روباه را کی توکل بهترین کسبهاست کی هر کسبی محتاجست به توکل کی ای خدا این کار مرا راست آر و دعا متضمن توکلست و توکل کسبی است کی به هیچ کسبی دیگر محتاج نیست الی آخره 
  • How the ass answered the fox, saying, “Trust in God is the best way of earning a livelihood, for every one needs to trust in God and cry, ‘O God, bring this work of mine to success’; and prayer involves trust in God, and trust in God is the (only) means of livelihood that is independent of any other means, etc.”
  • گفت من به از توکل بر ربی  ** می‌ندانم در دو عالم مکسبی  2425
  • He (the ass) said, “In the two worlds I do not know any means of livelihood superior to trust in my Lord.
  • کسب شکرش را نمی‌دانم ندید  ** تا کشد رزق خدا رزق و مزید 
  • I know nothing to be compared with the acquisition of thanksgiving to Him, in order that thanksgiving to God may bring (in its train) the daily bread and the increase (thereof).”
  • بحثشان بسیار شد اندر خطاب  ** مانده گشتند از سال و از جواب 
  • Their dispute was prolonged in mutual altercation (till) they became incapable of (further) questioning and answering.