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  • تا یکی روزی که شاه آن خواجه را  ** متهم کرد و ببستش دست و پا 
  • (The dervish continued his reproaches) till a certain day when the king accused the Khwája (of dishonesty) and bound him hand and foot,
  • آن غلامان را شکنجه می‌نمود  ** که دفینه‌ی خواجه بنمایید زود  3175
  • (While) he put those slaves to the rack, saying, ‘Show (to me) at once the Khwája's buried treasure;
  • سر او با من بگویید ای خسان  ** ورنه برم از شما حلق و لسان 
  • Tell me his secret; O ye rascals, or I will cut your throats and (cut out) your tongues.’
  • مدت یک ماهشان تعذیب کرد  ** روز و شب اشکنجه و افشار و درد 
  • He tortured them during a (whole) month: (’twas) the rack, torment, and anguish by day and by night.
  • پاره پاره کردشان و یک غلام  ** راز خواجه وا نگفت از اهتمام 
  • He rent them to pieces, but from their anxiety (for their master) not one slave betrayed the Khwája's secret.
  • گفتش اندر خواب هاتف کای کیا  ** بنده بودن هم بیاموز و بیا 
  • A voice from Heaven said to him (the dervish) in his dream, ‘O sir, do thou also learn how to be a slave, and (then) come (to Me).’
  • ای دریده پوستین یوسفان  ** گر بدرد گرگت آن از خویش دان  3180
  • O you who have torn the coats of the (spiritual) Josephs, know that it is your own fault if the wolf tear you.
  • زانک می‌بافی همه‌ساله بپوش  ** زانک می‌کاری همه ساله بنوش 
  • Wear, all the year round, (a garment) of that (cloth) which you are weaving; eat and drink, all the year round, of that (crop) which you are sowing.
  • فعل تست این غصه‌های دم به دم  ** این بود معنی قد جف القلم 
  • These continual pangs (which you are suffering) are (the effect of) your own action: this is the meaning of ‘the Pen has dried,’
  • که نگردد سنت ما از رشد  ** نیک را نیکی بود بد راست بد 
  • (Namely, that God says), ‘My Law (Sunna) does not turn aside from rectitude: good shall befall the good, evil the evil.’