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  • روسپی باشد که از جولان کیر  ** عقل او موشی شود شهوت چو شیر  3715
  • Meretrix est (quaevis femina) cui penis impetu mens (tanquam) mus fiat, libido tanquam leo. [A prostitute is (one) who, due to the movement of a penis, (her) intellect becomes a mouse (and her) lust like a lion.]
  • وصیت کردن پدر دختر را کی خود را نگهدار تا حامله نشوی از شوهرت 
  • How a father enjoined his daughter to take care lest she should become with child by her husband.
  • خواجه‌ای بودست او را دختری  ** زهره‌خدی مه‌رخی سیمین‌بری 
  • There was a Khwája who had a daughter with cheeks like (those of) Venus, a face like the moon, and a breast (white) as silver.
  • گشت بالغ داد دختر را به شو  ** شو نبود اندر کفائت کفو او 
  • (When) she reached maturity, he gave his daughter to a husband: as regards social rank the husband was not a (good) match for her.
  • خربزه چون در رسد شد آبناک  ** گر بنشکافی تلف گردد هلاک 
  • When a melon is ripe it becomes watery and goes to waste and ruin unless you slice it.
  • چون ضرورت بود دختر را بداد  ** او بناکفوی ز تخویف فساد 
  • Since it was (a case of) necessity, he gave his daughter to one who was not (socially) her match, in fear of the evil (that might ensue).
  • گفت دختر را کزین داماد نو  ** خویشتن پرهیز کن حامل مشو  3720
  • He said to his daughter, “Guard thyself from this new bridegroom, do not become with child;
  • کز ضرورت بود عقد این گدا  ** این غریب‌اشمار را نبود وفا 
  • For thy marriage to this beggar was (dictated) by necessity; there is no constancy in this vagabond fellow.
  • ناگهان به جهد کند ترک همه  ** بر تو طفل او بماند مظلمه 
  • Of a sudden he will jump off and leave all behind: his child will remain on thy hands as a wrong (for which there is no redress).”
  • گفت دختر کای پدر خدمت کنم  ** هست پندت دل‌پذیر و مغتنم 
  • The daughter replied, “O father, I will do service (to thee): thy counsel is acceptable and prized.”
  • هر دو روزی هر سه روزی آن پدر  ** دختر خود را بفرمودی حذر 
  • Every two or three days the father would enjoin his daughter to take precautions;