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  • کار ترکانست نه ترکان برو  ** جای ترکان هست خانه خانه شو 
  • ’Tis the business of Turks (Turkán), not of (women like) Tarkán. Begone! Home is the place for Tarkán: go home!”
  • حکایت عیاضی رحمه‌الله کی هفتاد غزو کرده بود سینه برهنه بر امید شهید شدن چون از آن نومید شد از جهاد اصغر رو به جهاد اکبر آورد و خلوت گزید ناگهان طبل غازیان شنید نفس از اندرون زنجیر می‌درانید سوی غزا و متهم داشتن او نفس خود را درین رغبت 
  • Story of ‘Iyádí, may God have mercy on him, who had taken part in seventy campaigns against the infidels and had always fought with his breast bare (unprotected by armour), in the hope that he might become a martyr; and how, despairing of that, he turned from the Lesser Warfare to the Greater Warfare and adopted the practice of (religious) seclusion; and how he suddenly heard the drums of the holy warriors, and the fleshly soul within him urged him violently to take the field; and how he suspected (the motives of) his fleshly soul in desiring this.
  • گفت عیاضی نود بار آمدم  ** تن برهنه بوک زخمی آیدم  3780
  • ‘Iyádí said, “Ninety times I came (into battle) unarmed, that perchance I might be (mortally) wounded.
  • تن برهنه می‌شدم در پیش تیر  ** تا یکی تیری خورم من جای‌گیر 
  • I went unarmed to meet the arrows, in order that I might receive a deep-seated (deadly) arrow-wound.
  • تیر خوردن بر گلو یا مقتلی  ** در نیابد جز شهیدی مقبلی 
  • None but a fortunate martyr attains unto (the happiness of) receiving an arrow-wound in the throat or any vital spot.
  • بر تنم یک جایگه بی‌زخم نیست  ** این تنم از تیر چون پرویز نیست 
  • No place in my body is without wounds: this body of mine is like a sieve from (being pierced with) arrows;
  • لیک بر مقتل نیامد تیرها  ** کار بخت است این نه جلدی و دها 
  • But the arrows never (once) hit a vital spot: this is a matter of luck, not of bravery or cunning.
  • چون شهیدی روزی جانم نبود  ** رفتم اندر خلوت و در چله زود  3785
  • When (I saw that) martyrdom was not the lot of my spirit, I went immediately into (religious) seclusion and (entered on) a forty days' fast.
  • در جهاد اکبر افکندم بدن  ** در ریاضت کردن و لاغر شدن 
  • I threw myself into the Greater Warfare (which consists) in practising austerities and becoming lean.
  • بانگ طبل غازیان آمد به گوش  ** که خرامیدند جیش غزوکوش 
  • (One day) there reached my ear the sound of the drums of the holy warriors; for the hard-fighting army was on the march.
  • نفس از باطن مرا آواز داد  ** که به گوش حس شنیدم بامداد 
  • My fleshly soul cried out to me from within: at morningtide I heard (its voice) with my sensuous ear,