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  • که چه می‌خواهی ز خون ممنان  ** کشته می‌گردند زین حرب گران 
  • To say, “What do you wish (to obtain) by shedding the blood of true believers? They are being killed in this grievous war.
  • گر مرادت ملک شهر موصلست  ** بی‌چنین خون‌ریز اینت حاصلست  3845
  • If your object is to gain possession of the city of Mawsil, look now, it is achieved without (any more) bloodshed like this.
  • من روم بیرون شهر اینک در آ  ** تا نگیرد خون مظلومان ترا 
  • I will go forth from the city: here it is for you, enter in, lest the blood of the oppressed lay hold of you (and demand vengeance);
  • ور مرادت مال و زر و گوهرست  ** این ز ملک شهر خود آسان‌ترست 
  • And if your object is riches and gold and jewels, this is even more easy than to take possession of the city.”
  • ایثار کردن صاحب موصل آن کنیزک را بدین خلیفه تا خون‌ریز مسلمانان بیشتر نشود 
  • How the lord of Mawsil surrendered the girl to the Caliph in order that there might be no more shedding of Moslem blood.
  • چون رسول آمد به پیش پهلوان  ** داد کاغذ اندرو نقش و نشان 
  • When the envoy came to the captain, he (the captain) gave him the paper on which the features (of the girl) were depicted,
  • بنگر اندر کاغذ این را طالبم  ** هین بده ورنه کنون من غالبم 
  • (Saying), “Look on the paper: this (is what) I require. Hark, give (her up), or else (I will take her by force, for) I am the conqueror.”
  • چون رسول آمد بگفت آن شاه نر  ** صورتی کم گیر زود این را ببر  3850
  • On the return of the envoy, that manly King said, “Take no account of a (mere) form, lead her away at once.
  • من نیم در عهد ایمان بت‌پرست  ** بت بر آن بت‌پرست اولیترست 
  • I am not an idolater in the epoch of the true Faith: ’tis more fit that the idol should be in the hands of the idolater.”
  • چونک آوردش رسول آن پهلوان  ** گشت عاشق بر جمالش آن زمان 
  • When the envoy brought her (to him), the captain straightway fell in love with her beauty.
  • عشق بحری آسمان بر وی کفی  ** چون زلیخا در هوای یوسفی 
  • Love is an (infinite) ocean, on which the heavens are (but) a flake of foam: (they are distraught) like Zalíkhá in desire for a Joseph.