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  • من کی باشم که بوم من با منت  ** ای گرفته جمله منها دامنت 
  • Who am I that I should exist beside thee, O thou whose skirt all ‘I's’ have clutched?
  • مجرم دانستن ایاز خود را درین شفاعت‌گری و عذر این جرم خواستن و در آن عذرگویی خود را مجرم دانستن و این شکستگی از شناخت و عظمت شاه خیزد کی انا اعلمکم بالله و اخشیکم لله و قال الله تعالی انما یخشی الله من عباده العلما 
  • [How Ayáz deemed himself culpable for thus acting as intercessor and begged pardon for this offence and deemed himself culpable for begging pardon; and this self-abasement arises from knowledge of the majesty of the King; for (the Prophet hath said), ‘I know God better than you and fear Him more than you,’ and the High God hath said, ‘None fears God but those of His servants that are possessed of knowledge.’]
  • من کی آرم رحم خلم آلود را  ** ره نمایم حلم علم‌اندود را 
  • How should I bring (plead for) mercy to thee who art moved with anger, and point out the path of clemency to thee who art endued with knowledge?
  • صد هزاران صفع را ارزانیم  ** گر زبون صفعها گردانیم 
  • If thou subject me to the indignity of (receiving) cuffs, I am deserving of a hundred thousand cuffs.
  • من چه گویم پیشت اعلامت کنم  ** یا که وا یادت دهم شرط کرم  4155
  • What should I say in thy presence? Should I give thee information or recall to thy mind the method of lovingkindness?
  • آنچ معلوم تو نبود چیست آن  ** وآنچ یادت نیست کو اندر جهان 
  • What is that which is unknown to thee? And where in the world is that which thou dost not remember?
  • ای تو پاک از جهل و علمت پاک از آن  ** که فراموشی کند بر وی نهان 
  • O thou who art free from ignorance and whose knowledge is free from (the possibility) that forgetfulness should cause (anything) to be hidden from it,
  • هیچ کس را تو کسی انگاشتی  ** هم‌چو خورشیدش به نور افراشتی 
  • Thou hast deemed a nobody to be somebody and hast exalted him, like the sun, with (thy) light.
  • چون کسم کردی اگر لابه کنم  ** مستمع شو لابه‌ام را از کرم 
  • Since thou hast made me somebody, graciously hearken to my supplication if I supplicate (thee);
  • زانک از نقشم چو بیرون برده‌ای  ** آن شفاعت هم تو خود را کرده‌ای  4160
  • For, inasmuch as thou hast transported me from the form (of self-existence), ’tis (really) thou that hast made that intercession unto thyself.
  • چون ز رخت من تهی گشت این وطن  ** تر و خشک خانه نبود آن من 
  • Since this home has been emptied of my furniture, nothing great or small in the house belongs to me.