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  • زان فناها چه زیان بودت که تا  ** بر بقا چفسیده‌ای ای نافقا 
  • What loss was thine (what loss didst thou suffer) from those deaths, that thou hast clung (so tenaciously) to (this earthly) life, O rat?
  • چون دوم از اولینت بهترست  ** پس فنا جو و مبدل را پرست 
  • Since thy second (life) is better than thy first, therefore seek to die (to the world), and worship the Transmuter.
  • صد هزاران حشر دیدی ای عنود  ** تاکنون هر لحظه از بدو وجود 
  • O contumacious man, thou hast experienced a hundred thousand resurrections at every moment from the beginning of thy existence until now:
  • از جماد بی‌خبر سوی نما  ** وز نما سوی حیات و ابتلا  800
  • From inanimateness (thou didst move) unconsciously towards (vegetal) growth, and from (vegetal) growth towards (animal) life and tribulation;
  • باز سوی عقل و تمییزات خوش  ** باز سوی خارج این پنج و شش 
  • Again, towards reason and goodly discernments; again, towards (what lies) outside of these five (senses) and six (directions).
  • تا لب بحر این نشان پایهاست  ** پس نشان پا درون بحر لاست 
  • These footprints are (extend) as far as the shore of the Ocean; then the footprints disappear in the Ocean;
  • زانک منزلهای خشکی ز احتیاط  ** هست دهها و وطنها و رباط 
  • Because, from (Divine) precaution, the resting-places (appointed for the traveller) on the dry land are (like) villages and dwellings and caravanserays,
  • باز منزلهای دریا در وقوف  ** وقت موج و حبس بی‌عرصه و سقوف 
  • (While) on the contrary the resting-places of the Ocean, when its billows swell, have no floor or roof (to shelter the traveller) during (his) stay and detention.
  • نیست پیدا آن مراحل را سنام  ** نه نشانست آن منازل را نه نام  805
  • These (Oceanic) stages have no visible beacon: these resting-places have neither sign nor name.
  • هست صد چندان میان منزلین  ** آن طرف که از نما تا روح عین 
  • Between every two resting-places Yonder there is (a distance) a hundred times as much as from the vegetal state to the Essential Spirit.