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  • آنک او بعد از رئیسی خوار شد  ** وآن توانگر هم که بی‌دینار شد 
  • (Namely), him who was made lowly after having been a chief, and the rich man, too, who became impecunious,
  • وآن سوم آن عالمی که اندر جهان  ** مبتلی گردد میان ابلهان 
  • And, thirdly, the learned man who in this world becomes afflicted (by living amongst) the foolish;
  • زانک از عزت به خواری آمدن  ** هم‌چو قطع عضو باشد از بدن 
  • For to come (fall) from high to low estate is like the amputation of a limb from the body.”
  • عضو گردد مرده کز تن وا برید  ** نو بریده جنبد اما نی مدید 
  • The limb that is cut off from the body becomes dead: (when) newly cut off, it moves, but not for long.
  • هر که از جام الست او خورد پار  ** هستش امسال آفت رنج و خمار  830
  • (Similarly) he who drank of the cup of Alast last year, this year he suffers the pain and headache (in consequence of having drunk),
  • وآنک چون سگ ز اصل کهدانی بود  ** کی مرورا حرص سلطانی بود 
  • While he who, like a dog, is by nature attached to the kennel —how should he have the desire for (spiritual) sovereignty?
  • توبه او جوید که کردست او گناه  ** آه او گوید که گم کردست راه 
  • (Only) he that has sinned seeks to repent; (only) he that has lost the (right) way cries “Alas!”
  • قصه‌ی محبوس شدن آن آهوبچه در آخر خران و طعنه‌ی آن خران ببر آن غریب گاه به جنگ و گاه به تسخر و مبتلی گشتن او به کاه خشک کی غذای او نیست و این صفت بنده‌ی خاص خداست میان اهل دنیا و اهل هوا و شهوت کی الاسلام بدا غریبا و سیعود غریبا فطوبی للغرباء صدق رسول الله 
  • Story of the young gazelle being confined in the donkey-stable, and how the donkey assailed the stranger, now with hostility and now with mockery, and how it was afflicted by (having to eat) dry straw which is not its (proper) food. And this is a description of the chosen servant of God amongst worldlings and those addicted to passion and sensuality; for “Islam (was) strange (when it first) appeared, and will become strange again, and blessed are the strangers.” The Messenger of Allah spake the truth.
  • آهوی را کرد صیادی شکار  ** اندر آخر کردش آن بی‌زینهار 
  • A hunter captured a gazelle: the merciless man put it into a stable.
  • آخری را پر ز گاوان و خران  ** حبس آهو کرد چون استمگران 
  • (Acting) like oppressors, he made a stable full of cows and donkeys the prison of the gazelle.
  • آهو از وحشت به هر سو می‌گریخت  ** او به پیش آن خران شب کاه ریخت  835
  • The gazelle, wild with terror, was fleeing in every direction: at night he (the hunter) poured (pieces of chopped) straw before the donkeys.