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  • هم‌چنانک مرده‌ام من قبل موت  ** زان طرف آورده‌ام این صیت و صوت  755
  • Even as I have died before death and brought from Yonder this fame and renown.”
  • پس قیامت شو قیامت را ببین  ** دیدن هر چیز را شرطست این 
  • Do thou, then, become the (spiritual) resurrection and (thereby) see (experience) the resurrection: this (becoming) is the necessary condition for seeing (knowing and experiencing the real nature of) anything.
  • تا نگردی او ندانی‌اش تمام  ** خواه آن انوار باشد یا ظلام 
  • Until thou become it, thou wilt not know it completely, whether it be light or darkness.
  • عقل گردی عقل را دانی کمال  ** عشق گردی عشق را دانی ذبال 
  • (If) thou become Reason, thou wilt know Reason perfectly; if thou become Love, thou wilt know Love's (flaming) wick.
  • گفتمی برهان این دعوی مبین  ** گر بدی ادراک اندر خورد این 
  • I would declare plainly the proof of this assertion, if there were an understanding fit to receive it.
  • هست انجیر این طرف بسیار و خوار  ** گر رسد مرغی قنق انجیرخوار  760
  • Figs are very cheap in this vicinity, if a fig-eating bird should arrive as a guest.
  • در همه عالم اگر مرد و زنند  ** دم به دم در نزع و اندر مردنند 
  • (All), whether men or women, in the whole world are continually in the death-agony and are dying.
  • آن سخنشان را وصیتها شمر  ** که پدر گوید در آن دم با پسر 
  • Regard their words as the (final) injunctions which a father gives at that moment to his son,
  • تا بروید عبرت و رحمت بدین  ** تا ببرد بیخ بغض و رشک و کین 
  • That thereby consideration and pity may grow (in thy heart), so that the root of hatred and jealousy and enmity may be cut off.
  • تو بدان نیت نگر در اقربا  ** تا ز نزع او بسوزد دل ترا 
  • Look on thy kinsman with that intention, so that thy heart may burn (with pity) for his death-agony.