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  • آدمی را زین هنر بی‌‌چاره گشت ** خلق دریاها و خلق کوه و دشت‌‌
  • Because of this virtue, the creatures of the seas and those of mountain and plain are helpless before man.
  • زو پلنگ و شیر ترسان همچو موش ** زو نهنگ و بحر در صفرا و جوش‌‌
  • Of him the pard and lion are afraid, like the mouse; from him the leviathan and the sea are in pallor and agitation.
  • زو پری و دیو ساحلها گرفت ** هر یکی در جای پنهان جا گرفت‌‌
  • From him peri and demon took to the shores (sought refuge): each took abode in some hiding-place.
  • آدمی را دشمن پنهان بسی است ** آدمی با حذر عاقل کسی است‌‌
  • Man hath many a secret enemy: the cautious man is a wise one.
  • خلق پنهان زشتشان و خوبشان ** می‌‌زند در دل بهر دم کوبشان‌‌ 1035
  • (There are) hidden creatures, evil and good: at every instant their blows are striking on the heart.
  • بهر غسل ار در روی در جویبار ** بر تو آسیبی زند در آب خار
  • If you go into the river to wash yourself, a thorn in the water inflicts a hurt upon you.
  • گر چه پنهان خار در آب است پست ** چون که در تو می‌‌خلد دانی که هست‌‌
  • Although the thorn is hidden low in the water, you know it is there, since it is pricking you.
  • خار خار وحیها و وسوسه ** از هزاران کس بود نی یک کسه‌‌
  • The pricks of (angelic) inspirations and (satanic) temptations are from thousands of beings, not (only) from one.
  • باش تا حسهای تو مبدل شود ** تا ببینیشان و مشکل حل شود
  • Wait (patiently) for your (bodily) senses to be transmuted, so that you may see them (the hidden beings), and the difficulty may be solved,
  • تا سخنهای کیان رد کرده‌‌ای ** تا کیان را سرور خود کرده‌‌ای‌‌ 1040
  • So that (you may see) whose words you have rejected and whom you have made your captain.
  • باز طلبیدن نخجیران از خرگوش سر اندیشه‌‌ی او را
  • How the beasts requested the hare to tell the secret of his thought.