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  • کرم در بیخ درخت تن فتاد ** بایدش بر کند و در آتش نهاد
  • The worm has entered the root of the body's tree: it must be dug up and put in the fire.
  • هین و هین ای راه رو بی‏گاه شد ** آفتاب عمر سوی چاه شد 1265
  • Hark and hark (again), O wayfarer! ’Tis late, life's sun is gone towards the pit (is about to set).
  • این دو روزک را که زورت هست زود ** پیر افشانی بکن از راه جود
  • (During) these (one or) two brief days when you have (some) strength, (be) quick, make a last effort with all your might.
  • این قدر تخمی که مانده ستت بباز ** تا بروید زین دو دم عمر دراز
  • Devote this (small) amount of seed that you have remaining, in order that long life may grow from these (one or) two moments.
  • تا نمرده ست این چراغ با گهر ** هین فتیله‏اش ساز و روغن زودتر
  • Whilst this jewelled lamp is not (yet) extinguished, see you trim its wick and (supply it with) oil immediately.
  • هین مگو فردا که فرداها گذشت ** تا به کلی نگذرد ایام کشت‏
  • Beware! Do not say “To-morrow”—for (many) to-morrows have passed. Let not the days of sowing pass away altogether.
  • پند من بشنو که تن بند قوی است ** کهنه بیرون کن گرت میل نوی است‏ 1270
  • Listen to my admonition that the body is a strong bond: put off the old, if you have desire for newness.
  • لب ببند و کف پر زر بر گشا ** بخل تن بگذار و پیش آور سخا
  • Shut the lips and open the palm filled with gold: leave off being a miser with the body, exhibit munificence.
  • ترک شهوتها و لذتها سخاست ** هر که در شهوت فرو شد بر نخاست‏
  • Munificence is the abandonment of lusts and pleasures; no one who is sunken in lust rises up (again).
  • این سخا شاخی است از سرو بهشت ** وای او کز کف چنین شاخی بهشت‏
  • This munificence is a branch of the cypress of Paradise: woe to him that lets such a branch go from his hand!