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  • سرخ و سبز افتاد نسخ نو بهار ** چون خط قوس و قزح در اعتبار 1600
  • Red and green are Spring's cancellation (of winter); in regard (to their significance they are) like the (coloured) lines of the rainbow.
  • عکس تعظیم پیغام سلیمان علیه السلام در دل بلقیس از صورت حقیر هدهد
  • How reverence for the message of Solomon, on whom be peace, was reflected in the heart of Bilqís from the despicable form of the hoopoe.
  • رحمت صد تو بر آن بلقیس باد ** که خدایش عقل صد مرده بداد
  • Hundredfold mercy be on that Bilqís to whom God gave the intellect of a hundred men!
  • هدهدی نامه بیاورد و نشان ** از سلیمان چند حرفی با بیان‏
  • A hoopoe brought the letter with the (royal) sign-manual from Solomon—a few eloquent words.
  • خواند او آن نکتهای با شمول ** با حقارت ننگرید اندر رسول‏
  • (When) she read those pregnant sayings, she did not look with contempt on the messenger.
  • جسم هدهد دید و جان عنقاش دید ** حس چو کفی دید و دل دریاش دید
  • Her body saw him as a hoopoe, (but) her spirit saw him as the ‘Anqá; her senses saw him as a fleck of foam, (but) her heart saw him as the sea.
  • عقل با حس زین طلسمات دو رنگ ** چون محمد با ابو جهلان به جنگ‏ 1605
  • Because of these two-coloured (diverse) talismans (appearance and reality) the intellect is at war with the senses, as Mohammed with the likes of Abú Jahl.
  • کافران دیدند احمد را بشر ** چون ندیدند از وی انشق القمر
  • The infidels regarded Ahmad (Mohammed) as (only) a man, since they did not see in him (the Prophetic nature which was manifested by the miracle) the moon was cleft asunder.
  • خاک زن در دیده‏ی حس بین خویش ** دیده‏ی حس دشمن عقل است و کیش‏
  • Throw dust on your sense-perceiving eye: the sensuous eye is the enemy of intellect and religion.
  • دیده‏ی حس را خدا اعماش خواند ** بت پرستش گفت و ضد ماش خواند
  • God has called the sensuous eye blind; He has said that it is an idolater and our foe,
  • ز انکه او کف دید و دریا را ندید ** ز انکه حالی دید و فردا را ندید
  • Because it saw the foam and not the sea, because it saw the present and not to-morrow.