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  • گفت من با حق دعاها کرده‌ام ** اندرین لابه بسی خون خورده‌ام
  • He (the poor man) said, “I have offered (many) prayers to God, I have borne much toil and pain in this supplication.
  • من یقین دارم دعا شد مستجاب ** سر بزن بر سنگ ای منکرخطاب
  • I possess the certainty (that) the prayer has been answered. Dash your head against the stones, O foul-spoken one!”
  • گفت گرد آیید هین یا مسلمین ** ژاژ بینید و فشار این مهین 2320
  • He cried, “Hey, gather round, O Moslems! Behold the drivel and raving of this imbecile!
  • ای مسلمانان دعا مال مرا ** چون از آن او کند بهر خدا
  • O Moslems, for God’s sake, how should prayer make my property belong to him?
  • گر چنین بودی همه عالم بدین ** یک دعا املاک بردندی بکین
  • If it were so, by means of a single prayer of this kind the whole world would carry off (one another’s) possessions by force.
  • گر چنین بودی گدایان ضریر ** محتشم گشته بدندی و امیر
  • If it were so, the blind beggars would have become grandees and princes;
  • روز و شب اندر دعااند و ثنا ** لابه‌گویان که تو ده‌مان ای خدا
  • (For) they are (engaged) day and night in invocation and praise (of God), uttering entreaties and crying, ‘O God, do Thou give unto us!
  • تا تو ندهی هیچ کس ندهد یقین ** ای گشاینده تو بگشا بند این 2325
  • Unless Thou give, assuredly no one will give (us anything): O Opener, do Thou open the lock of this (bounty)!’
  • مکسب کوران بود لابه و دعا ** جز لب نانی نیابند از عطا
  • Supplication and prayer is the means whereby the blind earn their livelihood, (yet) they get no gift but a crust of bread.”
  • خلق گفتند این مسلمان راست‌گوست ** وین فروشنده‌ی دعاها ظلم‌جوست
  • The people said, “This Moslem speaks the truth, and this prayer-monger is one who seeks to act unjustly.