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  • آنچ داغ اوست مهر او کرده است ** چاره‌ای بر وی نیارد برد دست
  • That which is branded on him (the fool) He (God) hath sealed: no hand can apply a remedy to it.
  • ز احمقان بگریز چون عیسی گریخت ** صحبت احمق بسی خونها که ریخت 2595
  • Flee from the foolish, seeing that (even) Jesus fled (from them): how much blood has been shed by companionship with fools!
  • اندک اندک آب را دزدد هوا ** دین چنین دزدد هم احمق از شما
  • The air steals away (absorbs) water little by little: so too does the fool steal away religion from you.
  • گرمیت را دزدد و سردی دهد ** همچو آن کو زیر کون سنگی نهد
  • He steals away your heat and gives you cold, like one who puts a stone under your rump.
  • آن گریز عیسی نه از بیم بود ** آمنست او آن پی تعلیم بود
  • The flight of Jesus was not caused by fear, (for) he is safe (from the mischief done by fools): it was for the purpose of teaching (others).
  • زمهریر ار پر کند آفاق را ** چه غم آن خورشید با اشراق را
  • Though intense frost fill the world from end to end, what harm (would it do) to the radiant sun?
  • قصه‌ی اهل سبا و حماقت ایشان و اثر ناکردن نصیحت انبیا در احمقان
  • The story of the people of Sabá and their folly, and how the admonition of the prophets produces no effect upon the foolish.
  • یادم آمد قصه‌ی اهل سبا ** کز دم احمق صباشان شد وبا 2600
  • I am reminded of the story of the people of Sabá—how their (balmy) zephyr (sabá) was turned into pestilence (wabá) by the words of the foolish.
  • آن سبا ماند به شهر بس کلان ** در فسانه بشنوی از کودکان
  • That (kingdom of) Sabá resembles the great big city (which) you may hear of from children in (their) tales.
  • کودکان افسانه‌ها می‌آورند ** درج در افسانه‌شان بس سر و پند
  • The children relate tales, (but) in their tales there is enfolded many a mystery and (moral) lesson.
  • هزلها گویند در افسانه‌ها ** گنج می‌جو در همه ویرانه‌ها
  • (Though) in (their) tales they say (many) ridiculous things, (yet) in all ruined places do thou ever seek the treasure.