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  • بستدم جمله عطاها از امیر ** بخش کردم بر یتیم و بر فقیر
  • I received all the presents from the prince and distributed them among the orphans and the poor.
  • مال دادم بستدم عمر دراز ** در جزا زیرا که بودم پاک‌باز 1750
  • I gave the riches away and received long (everlasting) life in return, because I was utterly self-sacrificing.”
  • پس بگفتندش مبارک مال رفت ** چیست اندر باطنت این دود نفت
  • Then they said to him, “Bless thee! the riches are gone: what (then) is this naphtha-smoke within thee?
  • صد کراهت در درون تو چو خار ** کی بود انده نشان ابتشار
  • A hundred loathings like thorns are in thy heart: how should grief be the sign of rejoicing?
  • کو نشان عشق و ایثار و رضا ** گر درستست آنچ گفتی ما مضی
  • Where are the signs of love and charity and being pleased (with God), if what thou hast said of what passed is true?
  • خود گرفتم مال گم شد میل کو ** سیل اگر بگذشت جای سیل کو
  • I grant, forsooth, that the riches are gone: (then) where is (thy) desire (for spiritual riches)? If the torrent has gone by, where is the torrent-bed?
  • چشم تو گر بد سیاه و جان‌فزا ** گر نماند او جان‌فزا ازرق چرا 1755
  • If (as thou pretendest) thine eye was (once) black and soul-inspiring, and if it is soul-inspiring no longer, (then) why is it blue?
  • کو نشان پاک‌بازی ای ترش ** بوی لاف کژ همی‌آید خمش
  • Where are the signs of self-sacrifice, O sour one? The smell of false and empty words is coming (from thee): be silent!”
  • صد نشان باشد درون ایثار را ** صد علامت هست نیکوکار را
  • Charity (for God's sake) hath a hundred signs within (in the heart): the good deed hath a hundred tokens.
  • مال در ایثار اگر گردد تلف ** در درون صد زندگی آید خلف
  • If riches be consumed in charity, a hundred lives come into the heart as a substitute.